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      Unable to move on bed, weird things happening with woman

      Hey all,

      First time posting here, I was looking for a community that might help explain my latest dream.

      First off, I'm a guy in his mid twenties, no partner though I have had girlfriends in the past and recently moved on in a relationship. I have a good, stable job in a tech company.

      I usually don't dream at all, but recently (past two weeks) I've had a strange dream of lying on a hospital bed unable to move. While on the bed a shadowy woman (i think) with hazed facial features stands looms over me. She pokes me all over my body, and it feels uncomfortable, which i didn't think could happen in a dream. Then the weirdest part- the thing starts brushing something over my face with a kind of really big brush, like one used for makeup only bigger. The thick, tickling thing on my face makes me feel like I'm actually choking, and has a cloying smell that made me almost want to gag. Soon after I wake up and need to breathe, like I've been holding my breath during the dream.

      I know this is incredibly strange, but I've had similar dreams to this four times in two weeks. I want to know why, because it's starting to become stressful.

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      Although in order to provide an accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some additional general background information about you (as well as a description of recent events just before this upsetting dream began), it’s safe to say that, because the dream is repeating and becoming stressful, it’s trying to get across a very important “message” that’s most likely alerting you to some kind of potentially serious inner problem which could perhaps worsen over time.

      Since dreams express their meaning through analogies and metaphor, it’s therefore apt that you’re shown in a hospital bed unable to move.

      This might be suggesting that you’re in danger of being somehow “paralyzed” and unable to “move ahead”, for example, in your overall self-development if a certain situation isn’t looked at carefully enough.

      A woman who’s presumably a doctor pokes you all over your body in an uncomfortable way.

      In the dreams of a male, a woman usually symbolizes such things as his emotional life and values overall.

      The vagueness of her face implies that you might not be very aware of this “inner woman” and how she may apparently be negatively affecting your day-to-day life in the realm of relationships and other areas.

      Also, a possible implication is that, if indeed she is a doctor, she isn’t a very good one because her examination is clumsy and perfunctory (she just pokes you all over) and the “treatment” for your “paralysis” doesn’t look like a very effective one to say the least.

      The applying of some kind of substance with a giant make-up brush, along with the presence of a cloying, perhaps “perfumy” smell could possibly suggest the danger of a sort of “cosmetic” approach to interacting with others and perhaps the danger of this approach becoming habitual.

      If so, the dream could perhaps be saying that any such situation could only leave you “paralyzed” when it comes to relationships for example.

      This state of affairs could “choke” you and leave you spiritually in distress (can’t breathe), leading to a potential lack of a general sense of meaning and contentment in the long run.

      This way of looking at your recurring dream could be especially apt if it began around the time of your recent “moving on” regarding a relationship.

      Also, the atmosphere of a tech company may not often endorse or encourage the presence of genuine “feminine” values for example.

      If it happens that your own so-called “feminine” side may need more attention, here’s a general summary of how to improve your contact with this aspect of yourself through gradually practicing a few tips like the following which have been outlined by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman:

      1) Try to maintain a presence in the moment, the here and now, e.g. by paying complete attention to a person who you’re dealing with and not letting your mind drift to other matters. Presence in the moment also includes not dwelling on yesterday or tomorrow. In addition, try to avoid the “if only” attitude of mind, e.g. “If only I had taken Swahili in college, all would be well now”.

      2) Be aware of your body, e.g. muscle tension, or in contrast, the pure joy of complete relaxation.

      3) Encourage an apprehension of beauty through the senses while letting in emotions about this and while valuing this aspect of the here and now.

      4) Practise being receptive and being non-critical by listening to someone while accepting them completely. Doing so can encourage a feeling of resonance and relationship.

      5) Work at a “separation from the mother’s body”, meaning an ongoing attempt to be one’s own self.

      6) Encourage the acceptance of the “process” and the “journey” as often being more important than “reaching the goal”.

      7) Try to be conscious of and to reflect on paradoxes as well as the non-causal, e.g. you dream of a white horse and the next day, a white horse escapes from a circus and runs by you on the street (if you are interested in exploring this type of phenomenon, reliable books about this subject by professional analysts include “There Are No Accidents” by Robert Hopcke, “The Tao of Psychology” by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and “At the Heart of the Matter” by J. Gary Sparks).

      8) Try to accept as well as you can all of life with its ups and downs, limitations, and restrictions.

      9) Try to fit in time for regular reflection and meditation.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything much about you, this interpretation might not fit your personal circumstances very well but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way. If by chance they somehow seem to click, then the dream should stop recurring or at least happen much less often.

      Please feel free to make any comments or to ask any questions that you may want to about this particular way of looking at your dream.
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