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      Strange dream mash, need help

      I can't remember if the dream started here, but this is the first part that I remember:
      I'm running through a maze type garden, that seems to turn into an abandoned warehouse when I make certain turns and back to the maze after other turns. There's a woman chasing me, and I can feel that she wants to hurt me and take away the huge old fashioned key I'm clutching with both hands. I'm sweating and feel myself shaking, and I'm very scared. I keep seeing a man with longer black hair in the very edge of my vision, and I know he's also after me, but not actively. I get ahead of the woman, and find a niche in the maze that's a door frame from the abandoned warehouse, and dive onto my stomach to reach it and throw the key in that doorway, which turns into a wall of the maze just as a feel my legs get grabbed by the woman, and I'm suddenly dragged at a very high speed backwards towards a very dark opening, and feel the breath knocked out of me. Suddenly the dream changes to a lunch room, almost like the ones in a hospital, because it was very plain and had a sanitized feeling. The same guy from the maze was behind me, his arm around my shoulder, and my sister was next to me. I felt very attracted to the guy, and then I suddenly was extremely disgusted with him, and shoved him away from me. I told him to never touch me again, and added as an after thought for him to never go near my sister either. He started to fade away into shadows, with his arms around two other girls I didn't recognize. Then, as soon as he was faded away, the dream changed to me and that man on a rooftop, overlooking the maze from the beginning, and we were hiding from someone. I could feel he had a lustful feeling towards me, and I was scared but aroused by him, so I tried to be seductive. I could feel his breath on my neck before the dream changed AGAIN to a small boy playing video games, and there was no sound in the dream. Me and the guy from the maze just watched him, and I woke up after that.

      I'm a 20 year old female, and I'm going to be moving soon. I have a boyfriend of 3 years. Small family troubles. Considering changing jobs. That's all I can think of that's going on my life that is different from usual.

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      Damn, seems to be quite a few people reporting these shadowy figures. I have heard that this could be linked to people who always feel like there is something in the room with them. Like a neurological function. I'm not a doctor however. I have had the black shadowy figure dream as well.

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      Quote Originally Posted by priceleecushing View Post
      Damn, seems to be quite a few people reporting these shadowy figures. I have heard that this could be linked to people who always feel like there is something in the room with them. Like a neurological function. I'm not a doctor however. I have had the black shadowy figure dream as well.
      That's crazy, I'll have to look deeper into that! Thanks for replying!

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      Another approach to your dream relates to the idea that dreams try to balance out the ego’s way of looking at things if it sort of gets too far off course.

      For example, this is a time of transition for you what with moving and deciding on whether to change jobs etc.

      So things can seem confusing as lots of emotions and thoughts appear on the scene and this is probably symbolized by the maze; that is, a maze usually represents the unconscious mind through which a person has to move in order to “find the goal” at the end.

      In your case, the maze is a garden which usually symbolizes your “soul” and a sense of the “real you”.

      This contrasts with the abandoned warehouse which is a place where a woman is chasing you while a dark haired man watches.

      The key likely symbolizes the ability to unlock such things as memories and various other areas of your psyche which can lead to personal growth over time.

      Since you’re only 20, there are a lot of new experiences ahead which will be both challenging and rewarding but as your dream shows, problems will appear on the scene (e.g. the woman and the man).

      The woman who wants to hurt you is probably a psychological figure called the “shadow” which is defined as “Hidden or unconscious aspects of oneself, both good and bad, which the ego has either repressed or never recognized”.

      She will “chase” you and could spoil your chances of moving ahead (by taking the key) if you aren’t somehow able to look at her face to face and accept what she represents.

      For example, she could even be a “good” side of yourself such as an innate ability etc. which you might be leaving behind when thinking about changing jobs.

      If this ability or talent etc. won’t be somehow developed in your new job or at least be kept up in an outside activity, it’s as if this inner figure could become “angry”.

      In a practical way, this could possibly appear in such things as feelings of anxiety or having too many headaches etc. etc.

      On the other hand, she might symbolize certain faults which we all have such as greed, selfishness, “wanting it all” etc. etc.

      So the dream could be pointing this out as you begin to move more fully into adulthood in order that you can stay on track better as you move towards becoming the real you by working at the unique mix of qualities and skills that you have.

      If the shadow figure got too strong (e.g. grabs you and knocks the breath out of you), this could slow down your “spiritual” development in becoming who you should become (breath = spirit).

      The man in the factory and in the lunch room is also an inner figure of a woman’s psychology which usually relates to her abilities in such areas as thinking, focus and assertiveness etc.

      He can be “seductive” for example in providing a woman with easy and pat opinions about “what the right thing to do is” instead of encouraging her to keep an eye on such thoughts and beliefs etc. in order to make sure they’re really what SHE thinks instead of just what “everybody goes along with” in society as a whole.

      Failure to stick with what’s actually best in her own personal circumstances could lead over time to a sense of “sterility” (e.g. the lunch room feels very plain and sanitized) partly in that her feminine side could be “violated” by cold relationship-destroying thoughts and opinions.

      So in this approach, the dream shows that you should feel disgusted with his advances and to also warn him off your sister because this part of you could be damaging to your innate feminine side.

      The dream apparently shows that remaining aware of and yet detached from this inner figure won’t be easy (e.g. then high up on a rooftop and aroused by him).

      The way out appears to be partly the need to stimulate your sense of enterprise and independence as probably symbolized by the little boy. He apparently needs to get away from “airy play” (the video game) and into three-dimensional life to strengthen him in an all-round way.

      Anyway, I hope these ideas weren’t too vague and confusing, and that they can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your important dream.

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