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      Dreams about being kidnapped and trapped?

      I had a rather odd dream last night (Oct 3-4, 2015) and was hoping if someone can interpret for me.

      Before the "main" part of the dream, I vaguely remember travelling by plane with my friends and arriving home to find my house very very different (I made a comment about this in the dream). After that there was a large segment of events that I knew had happened in the dream but do not remember what. Afterwards, I found myself in my own house, but was kidnapped and trapped by a weird "tribe" who claims to live isolated from the rest of the world (who they deem to be lesser than them). Keep in mind that I live in the city, and the house's location, time period and internal appearance was correct, complete with all the lights on. The "tribe" treated my like a slave or 2nd class citizen, and did not allow me to leave. Towards the end of the dream, I remember reading a piece of paper to the tribe, which catches the interest of one of the tribe members (she was a female, looked young, and apparently was a teacher or scholar for the tribe). She wants to escape with me, and eventually plans to get the rest of the tribe to see the outside world. I still had my phone at this point which worked but was turned off (why I didn't just call for help in the dream is beyond me) and a box which I claim will help us. That same night we escape from my own house and seconds after exiting an alarm sounds. We run from the house, and I make a mental note to run for a mall near my house where we will open the box.

      That is when I woke up. If anyone can interpret this very strange dream I would very much appreciate it.

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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some general background information about you (and a description of events just before the dream), it looks like certain aspects of your personality (the “tribe”) might have tended to take over and are holding you “hostage” without you being aware of it. Or alternatively, this could possibly occur in the future if you continue on in a certain direction in your everyday life.

      For example, taking a plane suggests, on analogy, a potential over-dependence on using “airy” thoughts and habitual opinions etc. in various matters as opposed to being more in touch with actual events “on the ground” as it were.

      In this way of approaching your dream, some unruly traits, for instance, might have altered how you present yourself to others (as symbolized by the fašade of the house) about which you would be surprised if you were more aware of it (in the dream, you are moved to comment on the major changes that were made without your knowledge).

      The description of how the tribe views itself in relation to others (i.e. as being superior) might be a clue that perhaps sometimes, you’re being put under some kind of strong pressure by outer circumstances to appear totally in control and on top of every situation etc., maybe even to the point of annoying others with this type of stance.

      If so, this would “confine” and “restrict your overall movement” towards further development of yourself as a complete person over time.

      The dream appears to be suggesting that it’s important to be open to “interacting with” and therefore to becoming more aware of any such situation as symbolized by the members of the tribe (e.g. you read a piece of paper to the tribe instead of, say, remaining silent and apart from them).

      Apparently, doing so could stimulate a new and fresh part of your psyche to appear (the young woman teacher/scholar) which could result in “escaping” any such restrictive situation.

      Using a logical, intellectual and “technical” approach (the phone) seemingly won’t be of any use in the circumstances even if “turned on” and relied on “as usual”.

      Looking into the box appears to hold the only key to resolving the danger of remaining “homeless” since it’s not clear whether the tribe will leave your house, or whether even if they did, you could once again be “kidnapped” if they decided to leave only to return later.

      Generally speaking, a box often symbolizes the totality of the unconscious psyche from which both positive and negative influences can appear.

      For example, the prospect of trying to escape from various habits etc. can be emotionally “alarming” (alarm goes off) and while you’re working at being able to return home to the “real you” as it were, it might be challenging to endure a sense of being “just like everybody else” for a while (e.g. in a mall).

      The way the dream ends suggests something like “This is how things are, so what are you going to DO about it?”; that is, it’s apparently up to you as the ego to keep working at something important about yourself right now and not to give up.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything about you, this way of looking at your dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your important dream.

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