Hi, I dreamt last night that I was in some sort of medical/research centre. There was myself and some other people, and there were a medical team. Eventually we were offered some sort of deal where money would be given to our families, and in return, all we had to do was take a lethal injection and die. I agreed to go with it, almost with indifference. My thinking was that I am tired anyway, so I may as well just die now and my family will get something out of it. I wasn't fearful at all, which is odd. I saw a lady go in and have the injection, and she died. I went in and got my injection, I felt like I was about to die, but then the feeling faded and I came back to life. I then started to feel upset with myself that I was so easily manipulated into agreeing to die, because I was too lazy/weak to think through it logically and fight back and just say 'no'. I felt really low on myself like I had no self esteem.

Any ideas on some meanings to this?