Hello everyone! Just thought I'd post one of my latest dreams that really stuck out to me.

To get started, I was walking on a street very close to my house. I was holding the had of a boy no more than 5 or 6 years of age. He was blonde with blue eyes and very small for his age. I was doting on him, reassuring him that we would get home safe because he was scared. I felt very motherly, if that is a word, and cared for the child. As we continued on our way, a man walked up to us and started to speak with me. My conscious mind did not know the man but the dream me did. I remember feeling uneasy and shielding the boy behind me. I don't remember the full conversation. The only thing I remember was him clarifying a point that I found a bit out of sorts, the boy was my uncle. I told him yes and about 5 more men began to surround me and the boy. I don't recall what the first man said and we were attacked. I fought to keep the boy safe until the main man's body took over my vision until it turned black. I awoke early the next morning with the conclusion that the dream me had been raped.

Very long I'm sorry, but what are everyone's thoughts?