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      Question sword in stone, , toyland

      I had three dreams. But the 2nd and 3rd ones are the ones I really want to be interpreted. I'm haven't been on in awhile. But I used to right frequently in my dream journal here. The only thing new in my life is the fact I now go to the gym. I also watch a TV show called Once Upon a Time.

      Dream 2
      There were six other people beside myself (I was number 7) each one had a different ability or I think it was a quaility about them, I can only remember one had the ability to tell when someone was lying. We were in an old church somewhere and we ended up sitting at a round table and I recognized the table as THE round table from Arthurian mythology. Because of that, some other door opened and we want into like the sanctuary of the church (ie where the altar and stuff) and right where the altar should be was a SWORD in a STONE. I somehow was able to pull it out as easily as King Arthur pulled out the Original sword. As soon as I did there was like this um sandstorm which came through a stained glass window, which scooped me and my um knights (don't care that they're female) up and transported us to the next dream. I was surprised when I regoncized the table. I was also expecting the unexpected when I tried (and succeed) in pulling sword from the stone. At the same time I was also surprised about it.

      Dream 3
      We ended up in a desert by the time we ended up in the desert we had an additional companion. A young girl. We seem to go by some pyramids and we kind of lost some 'knights' and eventually it was only me and the child. We ended up in a literally Toy Land. But I had the feeling the entire time that this was in a sense a trap for people. As we were walking through I heard a woman saying something "Where does (toy) go?" I stopped to talk to this woman and she notices that me and (child) didn't have a bracelet like the did, which in this land was illegal. There was also the fact that if you stayed over 10 days, you're stuck there forever We got a braclet and a booklet thing (the booklet has something like sticklers which you put on the braclet 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 10 days). But we started to walk a distance and somehow we dropped the booklet or something and sirens started and basically my family room (or a hologram of it) appeared in front of me, and I leaped over the couch (which felt as real as the real one) but I somehow forget the child on the other side. I had to make a decision to I risk getting captured to save someone else, or do I save my own skin? In that moment I understood what Henry from Once Upon a Time meant about " No, no, no! You're just scared. This happens to all heroes. It's just the low moment before you fight back." I woke up right after I made my decision
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