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      Transformation, whales, sad bird and magic

      Hello everyone,

      this is my first post and I would be very grateful for any ideas. I think it was a short dream as I woke up at about 8-9 am and then fell asleep again and woke up at 11.30 am. The dream happened in this time.

      It is a beautiful night with a clear sky and a large, bright, full moon. It is at the beach and the water is still and reflecting the stars and moon. It looks magical. There is tree alongside the beach - the branches seem to twist and spiral around, there are some beautiful leaves as well. I am under the tree just watching this, I donīt know who I am or if I am involved in what is happening.

      There is someone else here, suddenly this person or thing spirals up into the air and transforms into amazing light and energy, like a million little bits, all different colors - sparkling, swirling and twisting around up into the sky. It is breathtaking with the stars in the background. It keeps doing this until it is over the sea and then it all dives straight down into the water and disappears, but on the surface of the water is the most beautiful patterns - like when you have lots of colored oils or dyes in water. It slowly is spreading out on the water. It is completely calm.

      Suddenly a huge, beautiful whale bursts out of the water into the air and crashes back down into the water, and again but this time there is another whale with it, the second whale looks different to the first.

      Ok and this is the strange part...

      As this is happening, the view kinda pans back around to the tree where on one of the branches, watching all of this is a small, black bird. Not a blackbird but a smaller bird which is black. The bird has big eyes (like from a Disney cartoon) and they are the saddest eyes I have seen. They are welling up, about to cry.


      I woke up here. I thought about the dream and could recreate it all in my mind perfectly. I felt intense sadness and really started crying!

      I donīt usually dream or if I do then I donīt remember them, but this one I can picture very clearly in my mind.

      Any thoughts or ideas would really be appreciated.

      Thank you!

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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some general background information about you (and a description of events just before the dream), it’s safe to say that this is what’s called an “archetypal” dream which comes from the deepest layers of your psyche.

      That’s because it contains images that are very far from “everyday life” and such dreams appear at important times of transition for the dreamer.

      They try to show the basic situation of the dreamer and this is meant to help them navigate the way ahead.

      Unfortunately, dreams use a complex symbolic language based on metaphors and analogies to get across their meaning.

      The good thing is that because archetypal dreams come from deep within the unconscious mind, they share the same source which has created all of mankind’s stories, mythologies, music and beliefs etc. etc.

      Because of this, comparing a given image in a dream (e.g. the moon in your dream) to what various peoples have thought about it over the ages can help to clarify its meaning to the contemporary dreamer.

      Just to mention though that it’s probably most important to keep the emotional reaction to your beautiful dream up front and not to let it become overly diluted by dwelling too long on various “interpretations”.

      So to start off, the night and the bright full moon are probably trying to emphasize the importance of your basic feminine nature.

      For example, the moon is usually connected with goddess Artemis and such “feminine” aspects of life as the body, the “earthy”, the always changing, the intuitive, the indirect, all of these along with various instinctive natural reactions and our emotional and relationship life in general.

      A beach is symbolically where the ego, that is, “solid ground” and consciousness, comes in contact with “the sea” as representing the deep unconscious with its many and varied contents, both positive and negative.

      An impressive tree as in your dream usually symbolizes the overall potential development of the dreamer’s innate and unique mix of aptitudes etc. over a lifetime.

      A tree also suggests that an inseparable “mind/body” reality is also involved in which physical aspects of the person are linked to psychological factors and vice versa.

      A tree also symbolizes this needed link between “heaven” (the psyche) and the “earth” (the body and the ego).

      After creating the scene, the dream then appears to present the basic “problem” it’s trying to highlight.

      Namely, you’ve probably summed it up in your statement: “I donīt know who I am or if I am involved in what is happening”.

      Then follow some very striking images of the person/thing that rises up into the sky in a shower of indescribably beautiful particles of light.

      The dry description of this scene is that it pictures the powerful, raw and undifferentiated nature of the “multicolored” energies that exist in your mind/body combination.

      This energy then apparently takes on the next higher level of consciousness by becoming the two whales which jump out of the water in a spectacular way.

      The presence of a whale in dreams is always very important and, as mentioned, in order to understand what it means in a dream, it’s good to look at what people have thought about whales over the last couple of thousand years.

      For instance, while fascinating to us, they are also potentially frightening, huge and instinctive, mirroring our own fears of powerful, unruly instincts in us and in the outer world which of course make it hard to work at our own self-development as much as we could.

      So a whale in a dream basically symbolizes the mass of instincts, feelings, thoughts, abilities, talents, genetic inheritance etc. etc. that make up a person and which, although containing many opposite and conflicting elements, must be united somehow into a cohesive “one” in order to provide a strong sense of identity and therefore of good enough contentment in the long run.

      For example, people have noticed for centuries that unlike themselves, whales’ eyes are basically on opposite sides of their heads.

      On analogy, they can see “two things at once”; that is, they can see “opposites” and unite them, unlike humans who can only see “one thing at a time”, and this concept is part of what whales symbolize in dreams, especially in yours where two different types of whale jump from the water.

      Unfortunately, we can see these opposites inside and outside ourselves all the time and this can be hard to handle.

      For example, it’s not easy to accept the presence of both love and hate, kindness and cruelty, acceptance and rejection, generosity and selfishness and so on.

      So the dream seems to be saying in part that you have to somehow work at accepting in a practical way this mix of the good and bad inside and outside yourself although this won’t be easy to do.

      For example, the “whales” can be fleeting hints, ideas, thoughts and feelings etc. etc. that suddenly appear in your mind (e.g. the whales jump out of the water) and you should probably do something practical to keep these intuitions etc. conscious and up front.

      For instance, a person could write them down, draw pictures of them or whatever feels best in their own circumstances to make them stay in their minds longer so that they can work at what they’re saying.

      Doing so could help to make various projects, skills and abilities etc. etc. real in a practical way outside in the three-dimensional world after working at them in a practical down-to-earth manner.

      A bird in dreams usually symbolizes a “messenger” from the unconscious. In this case, he is “black” and on the point of tears, perhaps suggesting the idea that it would be unbelievably “sad” if you didn’t try to develop in yourself the overall potentials that the whales symbolize even though this might not be easy.

      The failure to do so could possibly result in you never really finding out “who you are” and this would be devastating.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything about you, this way of looking at your striking dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your very significant dream.

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      Thank you so much for your reply, I was not expecting such a detailed and explanatory answer from anyone. I have read it several times now and I must say that before, I never really thought about the fact that dreams could have meanings or symbolization but this dream has been on my mind for days and your writing has really changed my whole thinking on the subject.

      I just wanted to give you a little bit more information and if you would be kind to give me your thoughts again with this extra info.

      I should have said that I am a man but I have grown up with women and have always had a woman in my life, so I think I have a more feminine understanding than most. About 4 months ago, my girlfriend, soulmate and best friend broke up with me. I was devastated and have been very depressed ever since! Two years ago, I also moved from England to Germany for her, which is where I am currently living but have but very unhappy here since the breakup. I feel trapped and because of the depression my health has suffered. I have not been able to find a life in Germany and am very alone here and have become someone I do not know. I was always very loving and creative. A musician in England. Now I feel a lot of anger and I am not the person my body shows. I have wanted to leave Germany for several months and find "myself" again. I have not been able to find a way to leave yet and this has only made me sadder. I donīt know whether it is important to the dream, but a few months before I left England, my mum died very horribly and because we never had a good relationship, I have been haunted by it ever since.

      I rarely ever dream, if I do then I remember bits but it was always a nightmare or something seemingly insignificant. This dream is still crystal clear in my mind.

      Thank you so much for your time, maybe you have some more thought on my dream, given this extra information. I would love to hear.

      Thank you!!

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      I’m sorry that you’ve been having such a difficult time due to the loss of your girlfriend and the previous very tragic death of your mother.

      In response to these ongoing and very painful issues, it looks like all of your inner life forces, as it were, are strongly rallying behind you to help bring about a positive outcome.

      You’ve had some hard shocks and it’s very natural for you to feel kind of lost and unsure at this time but the dream seems to be saying something like “Don’t give up but keep fighting to solve the situation”, trusting both your loving and creative side (the moon) along with your powerful instinctive side (the whales).

      Of course, I don’t know anything about the German medical system but I assume it’s very efficient and hopefully includes some form of referral process at little or no cost to someone you could speak with in order to get help with your depression.

      And if you’re in a large city, maybe there is a British Consulate where you could obtain some advice on your overall situation.

      Anyway, I hope that these additional ideas can be helpful in some way and let me know if you have any other questions about your dream.

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