So, a bit of background first. These are two DIFFERENT dreams, one lucid, and one not. So, I'd like to begin with the first.

--The Friendly Ghost--
This story takes place between 2008 and 2010. This dream seems like a bit of a mystery to me, and as such, I'd like some stuff cleared up on it. Now, before we begin, I know what a monster in a dream chasing me means. The rest I don't. So here we go:
2008: I was in a cornfield, Sky dreary and rainy. I was running from a giant black shadow that was chasing me. I was running, hoping that soon I would escape, when I found a small clearing, with a railroad track running forwards. I kept desperately running, until eventually I came across a slightly bigger clearing, and the darkness faded away from the behind me. Right in front of me was a crashed minecart, and a barbed wire fence. The fence has holding someone... Someone dead... A girl dead! I immediately set my bets in my head, saying that she's probably gonna come to life all of the sudden, and spook me. I slowly approached her, and looked at the lifeless face that the body held, until something happened. *One of her eyes opened.* I jumped away, spooked, just as predicted. She began to explain herself. She said that she (at least now) is a ghost... A *friendly* ghost. A *vampire ghost*. Yes, I know, my mind is very creative She then began to tell me her story. It was something along the lines of she lived with her father, who was a complete jerk, and didn't liked her, so he sent her at a crazy speed on a minecart track towards a barbed fence, years before I had arrived. We end up going to a museum which, even today, is still pretty dang cool. As we exit and enter the parking lot, I tell her I have to go. She asked if we would ever see each other ever again. I knew I would never forget her, and even after all of these years, I still haven't.

2009: My mind tells me that this dream happened almost exactly one year after the first dream. This one's a bit more fuzzy. We are in a mix of my great grandma's house and the attic from the Goonies, looking for something in the attic, presumably, my memories. Eventually she ended up telling me a story, and I loved it. My mind goes blank around this one.

2010: I'm unsure if this one even happened, but my mind says it did, so I guess I'd mention it. I can't even remember any details on this.

--Potions, Friends, Abstract Stuff, oh my!--
This is the lucid one. It only happened a few weeks ago and I've been a tad perplexed by it since, so let's get into it, but first let's note some stuff. Firstly, this dream includes three friends, whose names have been switched for their sake. I'll lightly describe their common attributes here: Friend 1: Fun, exciting, but sometimes goes a little far. Friend 2: Different, in a good way. Can be happy until angered in which case she'll be mad at you for at least a week. Friend 3: Often shy and reserved, usually doesn't say much.
So, let's begin!

This one lasted what felt like HOURS. Everything was so vivid! I was in my school, and not a moment passes, and my conscious is sitting idle in the background. I knew it was a dream, but I let myself walk around for a bit, and then took control. I walked around a bit and found some friends, being Friend 1, and later on Friend 2 and 3. Anyway, I decided to try and transform with a potion. So I tried real hard, and nothing happened. At the moment, I knew I had very little confidence in my powers except exploring the dreamscape. At one point the dream was so real, I questioned if I even was awake, and then I realized, since when did the classrooms in our school get bigger? Obviously, I knew I was dreaming. After searching a bit for the potion, we give up, and walked around for a bit. Eventually, I tried to go to the beach. Wasn't, once again, confident enough in my powers to do so. This was around the time Friend 2 and 3 showed up. We begin to travel out of the school. I wanted to go explore the rest of the world! This was where things got crazy. (Obvious JonTron reference is obvious) The area in front of my school past the road had the houses replaced with impossible-to-pass trees. So we go to the right, and there is nothing past the schools area. Just a blank sheet of paper. I've seen this before in a vid I watched yesterday, so I knew if you tried to leave through it, you'd die. Warned everyone seconds before, but Friend 3 kept walking, and was obliterated from the dreamscape. I believe this was my brain showing how I shouldn't be sad about how I draw, and should show off some of my drawings more often! Out of the blue, I burst into tears, beating the asphalt, asking why he/she did it. Crying for what seemed like minutes, and then everything went black. I was now in a room that appeared to be someone broken down, when I saw the person who owned it, swaying about on the floor, visibly dizzy. He was very reminiscent of Gregory from the CGI Anime "Gregory Horror Show" His assistant pointed him towards the bed, with a cough, and that was the last of the assistant. So he hopped on the bed and then something odd happened- I became dizzy, and walked like I was drunk! He began to speak to me about, presumably, sadness. This section of the dream was very unclear from the rest for some reason. After the talk, he bids his farewells, and the dreamscape flies away. Remember- I was still completely lucid. I now appear in a new area, a previous dream, that appears to be a animal show, locked in a cage, being forced to watch some random animal training video, and my friends pass me, saying no words, obviously, without Friend 3. My father lets me out and eventually I catch up with Friend 1, and we walk around past this horse showing arena, and the dream fades, out of my control, back to reality.

So, what do you think? Tell me down in the comments, I'd be glad to hear!