This dream was a pretty short dream as I was only asleep for a couple hours. I was in a grocery store similar to the one I work at but dream me didn't work there. the store was mainly gray and white colors. one of the regular customers at my actual work was in the dream, he came up to me and asked me to meet him outside the store once he's finished. I said okay I would. I was walking towards the back of the store when I saw a baby inside of a freezer, but the mother took the baby out. the bay was alive and okay, the mother looked very worried. when they walked off I could hear a baby crying, coming from the freezers. other people in the store heard it as well, obviously upset about it, but there was an old man who claimed we were all crazy, and he couldn't hear anything. I kept walking to the back of the store and noticed an open door leading to a trail. there was a wooden sign at the beginning of the trail which I did not read. the trail was a typical dirt hiking trail with tall brush, a few trees, etc. there was an uphill route to the right and a downhill route to the left, I chose the right path. it was night-time outside and the moon was out, full. I was walking up the trail when behind some tall grass (behind which was the edge of a cliff) I started hearing the baby crying again. this time I ignored it and walked up to a steep hill. there was a fairly large tree next to the bottom of the hill. dream me recognized this hill and I wanted to go to the top to see the view as I knew it was beautiful (at this point I can remember the sky sort of lighting up like a sunrise, but it quickly disappeared once I started climbing the hill). beautiful, operatic music started playing and I was very excited to see this view. all of a sudden, about almost 3/4 of the way there the music stopped, the moon started to eclipse into a crescent shape, and the hill was impossibly steep. I tried to climb but to no avail, and I started sliding down the hill. behind me at the bottom of the hill I heard a noise; my first thought was that it was a wild animal, but as I got closer I realized it was somebody screaming. it was blood-curdling, almost demonic, like someone was being brutally tortured and murdered. it was then that I woke up, still able to hear the last of the screaming as I opened my eyes.

I can honestly say I have no idea what to make of this dream, but I can remember every detail extremely well. can anyone make sense of this dream?

some background info: the last few months of my life have been filled with a lot of retrospection and thinking about my life. from about November 2013 to April 2015 I was dealing with a lot of personal struggles; I broke up with my girlfriend who I'd been friends with for almost three years at the time; I stopped going to school and am now still dealing with the financial burden of it (as I lost my eligibility for financial aid); I started becoming promiscuous with strangers; I got a DUI in March 2014; I started smoking marijuana heavily which I have since quit; I quit my first job in May the same year; in July I was infected with mono-nucleosis and was bedridden for almost 2 months. being bed ridden made for a lot of thinking time about my life choices and results. however that is all in the past; I am now employed at a grocery store called Sprouts, I've slowly started going back to school (this semester I'm taking only one class but next I plan to take more next), I stopped smoking weed, and now I'm pretty sure that I've been dealing with depression, general anxiety disorder, and possibly some sort of mood disorder (though I haven't seen anyone it would make sense as to how I've been acting the past couple years, and even my whole life) but I have much more control over it on most days. however, it is still difficult to put it all behind me as I constantly feel guilt over the people I've hurt and the hurt I put myself through. the reason I'm explaining this all is because I have dreams now and then that represent my failures to achieve my goals or expected circumstances, which I know the struggle with climbing the hill probably represents. all the other aspects like the moon and screaming and crying however concern me as to what exactly my dream is trying to convey to me.