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      Dream About Big House

      Here's another of my strange dreams. I was living in a very large house, like a mansion. It had very nice furniture. I thought to myself, "This house is way too big for one person." So I turned it into a boarding house. I felt very happy when I woke up.

      I should add that my situation is that I've been homeless for the last 2 years.

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      The very large house with its nice furniture probably symbolizes the state of your current and future overall personality.

      You’ve already developed various potentials very well (e.g. the nice furniture) but you’ve run into a rough patch which is of course very discouraging.

      Maybe like your dream of the attacking dog, you need to allow in other parts of your personality that are being kept out right now.

      Turning the mansion into a boarding house where various abilities and skills etc. can be “nourished” apparently would be very helpful (you woke up happy after the dream).

      So maybe you have to lessen your reliance on certain usual habits of thinking etc. (e.g. you’re alone in a house which is too big for one person) and be more open to new ideas and possibilities (the new boarders).

      Anyway, without knowing anything much about you, this approach to your dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope that these ideas can be helpful in some way.

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