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      Hello, I read in a topic that it's best if I post as much details as I can, so here we go:

      I'm a 27 year old male from Norway, I got an healthy and strong body, so I'm always full of energy. I'm told that I'm well above average in appearance, which has given me an easy an awesome childhood, people are still as drawn to me to date. Which makes me a pretty happy in general, except that I'm extremely sensitive to others emotions which is so exhausting that I have to recharge for a minimum of 2 days in total solitude before getting social again.

      I tend to know what people are about to say before they say it, and I know which mood their in even if they are behind my back, without saying anything.

      I've been lucid dreaming since I was 5 years old. I also had an short period when I was young, where I closed my eyelids and could see people walking around in some street, I could see more and more details until these "people" started to stare back at me, which scared the living shit out of me, so I stopped, and I didn't try this again until last year, but I can't do it to that magnitude anymore. Was it just my vivid imagination as an child?

      I also have gotten words and sentences through dreams that stuck with me, so I looked them up. They where foreign words that actually meant what I think it did, based on the context of the dreams, but I never even heard about the countries their used in.

      Sadly all this as been almost forgotten due to lack of interest and the fact I thought I was crazy, so I've tried to ignore it.

      Lately I have started to explore spirituality, because I feel en unexplainable urge for development, even though I have been a man of science for the biggest part of my life, and thought spirituality was just insanity.

      Hope anything in this wall of text is helpful, please ask if you need more.

      To my question,
      In my dreams I run either from something or I'm just running for the fun of it. To build momentum running I lean forward and suddenly starts to run almost like an leopard on all fours, using my hands to grab the ground and drag me forward while using my legs to kick me forward, until my feets and legs starts levitating and I can't grab on to the ground anymore and I start levitating above the tallest trees. At this point I actually starting to be a bit worried, even I'm lucid or not. I always force my self back down, but I hit the ground with an painful bang, it's actually painful if I choose not to wake up. So my actual question is should I just let this force that levitates me take me to the clouds and above, or should try to fight it? It's seriously scary, it's like something is thugging on my soul.

      And please ask for any details of needed.
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      Fight the force. You're in control. It's your dream so you're not obligated to succumb to things you don't intend to do.

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      Sounds good, I'm just curious what it would mean/happen if i didn't. Same thing almost every night is quite annoying.

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      It generally doesn't mean anything. I know that this is dream interpretation, but as far as dream interpretation goes, I usually think that the only thing that a dream can show you is a reflection of your emotions sometimes. If you are experiencing the same dream it generally means that you have the same emotion as well as belief that it is going to continue. Learning to LD should easily stop it from happening, even if you only learn to LD once or twice, usually a defeated dream stays down.

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      It’s great that you’ve provided detailed background information because this provides the necessary context for your recurring dream.

      To start with, a dream that is recurring is trying to get across a very important message from your unconscious mind.

      That’s because the basic function of dreams is to help maintain the psychological balance of the dreamer by showing the ego if it is becoming too one-sided in some way.

      Of course, dreams most often speak through symbols, making it hard to understand them.

      But these symbols do have an underlying logic because they’re based on analogies, a kind of “as if” language.

      However, dream analysis will always fail if there’s not an emotional reaction to a dream in addition to looking at it in a “logical” way.

      It’s clear from what you’ve written that you are a highly intuitive person who is extremely sensitive to what others are experiencing.

      You don’t mention if your intuition plays a role in your scientific work.

      If not, this might suggest that there could possibly be too large of a gap between a very important part of your psychological make-up (intuition) and what you work at day to day.

      This could result in how you become very overwhelmed by seeing what’s going on in other people’s minds emotionally because you haven’t as yet found a way of containing and controlling your intuitions in some kind of meaningful framework of understanding.

      When you were five years old, you imagined people on the street but they then eventually started staring back at you causing you to be very afraid.

      This could have been a kind of early warning from your unconscious mind that you had a very special gift, one of a very perceptive intuition into the minds of others.

      The idea could be that this could cause big problems in the future, partly because Western society largely rejects intuition as a valid way of perceiving things and you would have problems “fitting in” with such a skill.

      The renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung had the same “problem” of a very strong intuitive skill. He could see almost in an instant the most private secrets of his patients and early in his career, he learned that he must never directly reveal his insights because no one likes to feel totally stripped naked in front of another person.

      Dr. Jung also was able to perceive intuitive images that came from the collective and non-personal depths of the psyche. This might be related to your seeing foreign words in dreams and being able to interpret them from their context.

      The idea could be that you were linked by your dreams to deep layers of the psyche where, for example, the roots of words lie encoded somehow in our DNA.

      For example, Proto-Indo-European roots of words may be passed on collectively and through a complex psychological process, your psyche was apparently able to “encode” them into current foreign words in dreams.

      So overall, your urge to explore spirituality could be your psyche’s attempt to have you find a containing belief system in order that your strong intuitive ability and other aspects of your personality can be more controlled and productive.

      Your recurring dream is trying to picture your situation and to provide some clues about how to move forward in a better way in general.

      For example, your strong energy levels seem to appear in the dream in the form of running but the energy is kind of “uncontrolled”: you’re either sort of compulsively “running away from something” or just running for the fun of it.

      If a person is running away from something in a dream, they’re usually being “chased” by a part of their psychology that wants to be accepted and helped in some way.

      Perhaps, for instance, you find it hard to look at your frequent emotional exhaustion as being a real problem and so it could become worse over time.

      A “playful” attitude also won’t be helpful in any such situation.

      In addition, the energy involved could become increasingly “non-human” and therefore “out of control” (e.g. you kind of turn into a leopard).

      The resulting “levitation” and flying at great heights in dreams is also “non-human”; that is, human beings are not designed to fly and the result will often be falling from a great height with the equivalent harm this would cause in outer life.

      So far, you’ve consciously forced yourself “down to earth”, maybe from being aware that “something’s wrong” about your spiritual side and in not being able to easily relate to others in an emotional way.

      Realizing these problems exist is of course painful (e.g. you often hit the ground with a painful bang) but being aware of them and trying to solve them is crucial instead of “flying up to the clouds” and “falling” from such a height because in a worst case scenario, you could potentially have some kind of unpleasant breakdown for example.

      If you think over this way of looking at your dream and it seems to make sense in your personal situation, then the recurring dream should stop or at least happen much less often, depending on how much you then actually do in a practical way to “stay grounded” and not perhaps be “carried away” too much by your intuitive side which can exhaust you.

      Since Carl Jung’s psychology is sympathetic to intuition and to looking at spirituality in an accepting way, you might like to explore his overall approach to psychology in general.

      Some very good introductory books include his autobiography “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”, the anthology which he edited “Man and His Symbols”, and the recent “The Quotable Jung” compiled by Jungian analyst Judith Harris.

      Anyway, I hope these ideas can be helpful.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your recurring dream.

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