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    Thread: Being the teacher giving a test?

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      Being the teacher giving a test?

      I've had the dreams where I am coming into a classroom like setting unprepared. One of the most recent dreams I had was when I came to the class prepared, and able to complete whatever assignment. It was an awesome feeling. I woke up from it excited.

      Some background: I was feeling haunted by my feelings of failure of mot being able to complete art college to get a degree in illustration. I was burdened down with depression, lack of focus, and wondering if the degree would really land me a job in the economy at the time. I eventually made the connection in some of my dreams. It started with one dream of me looking back at some of my old assignments, ones that I did terribly or associated with the feeling of failure and a God like voice telling me to throw them all away.

      I worked out that I do have art skill, but I am still trying to overcome anxiety and feelings related. I also have gardening skills and there is some pressure, good pressure to go through training to be a master gardener. The master gardener info was in the back of my mind, kind of forgotten until I got a call about it well after I woke up. But it seems lately I've been thinking a lot of my art and stuff I like to talk about, almost like a teacher would. I guess maybe that is why I was set as a teacher in my recent dream?

      This Wed dream I was the teacher supposed to be teaching a class of children. I was just as unprepared as they were. I didn't know what to say to them or what I was to test them on.

      Anyone had that happen? Okay now maybe I'll feel a little empathy for the teacher the next time I have one of those I can't take a test dreams, lol.

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      Just to ensure that I understand your post correctly, I’ve tried to summarize it as follows: you recently were thinking back a few years to when you had to leave art college because of depression and anxiety from which you still sometimes suffer, partly from an understandable apprehension over a possible upcoming diagnosis of fibromyalgia and from cancer fears that doctors have told you are unfounded etc.

      As part of looking back, you remembered an old dream where a God-like voice told you to throw away all of your art college assignment “failures” and you interpreted this to mean that although you do have art skills, you just have to get over any anxieties about a lack of talent etc.

      At some point after these reflections, you had a dream about being in a classroom where, contrary to the usual situation in such dreams, you were fully prepared and woke up feeling excited.

      Apparently later that day, you received a phone call related to becoming a master gardener about which you had been thinking in the past but hadn’t been thinking about it at all around the time of the call.

      In the days following the call, thoughts about art school continued a lot and you often talked about art as if you were a teacher, also having thoughts of restarting your art studies. You then had the dream about being the teacher in a class and knowing less than the students.

      If this summary is correct, then there could be a possibility that the situation of having the dream about being well prepared for class which was then followed by the phone call about studying to become a master gardener might be what’s called a “synchronistic event”, or more simply, a “meaningful coincidence”.

      The idea would be that something you really could be good at as a career was “in the air” as a possibility as it were, as shown by the coincidence of receiving a phone call shortly after the dream reminding you of the career of “master gardener”.

      In this type of happening, two events are not connected by “cause and effect” (that is, the dream did not “cause” the phone call to happen), but they’re joined by “meaning” (that is, “being good at something”, and the phone call about the job of “master gardener” might possibly be connected in your outer life).

      Apparently, you prefer to stick with trying to develop your art skills in order to make a living (e.g. lately you’ve been thinking about it a lot and talk about it as if you were a teacher).

      But apparently you then had a subsequent dream of being a teacher but knowing less than the students in the class and not even knowing what to test them on etc.

      So there might be some hint in that dream that the subject of art, while probably great as an ongoing hobby for example, might not be your strongest potential skill to make a living.

      The latter could be related to gardening while art might have to be relegated to second place as possibly suggested by the old dream where a God-like voice told you to throw out the failed assignments as if to start with some studies that would be completely different.

      All of what you’ve been going through is of course very stressful and understandably, in such circumstances we all prefer to escape in some way.

      In your dreams, this is shown by your trying to fly away etc. when being chased and this is a very common motif.

      Lately, you had the positive thought of not trying to escape and the thing which is chasing you sometimes catches up and causes some pain.

      Actually, this can be the start of something good because, although painful at first, facing various issues head on usually can help to solve them more quickly, e.g. getting tests for fibromyalgia is of course scary but putting them off doesn’t really help to relieve your overall feelings of anxiety.

      Your other dreams that are “restricting” you in some way are probably trying to get you to face certain realities and to learn new skills of assertiveness and determination etc. in order to move forward more effectively. For example, a good way to help things to move along in this direction would be by practicing the outlines presented in the book “Asserting Yourself” by Bower and Bower.

      Of course, without knowing very much about you, these ideas may not fit your personal circumstances very well but I hope they can help in some way.

      If you’re interested in learning more about “meaningful coincidences”, reliable books about this subject by professional analysts include “There Are No Accidents” by Robert Hopcke, “The Tao of Psychology” by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and “At the Heart of the Matter” by J. Gary Sparks.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your dreams.
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      Thinking back the master gardener call couldn't have had an effect on the dream. There was a time, my very first job when I was a teacher's assistant for a summer school program. I'm thinking more maybe some of my current thoughts are tying back into my feelings back then. I was excited and nervous at the same time. It was a new chapter in my life. The job I have in question right now is my retail job. It's what pays my rent, food and art supplies, but it is not my calling. I go into work every day feeling I am working under my potential.
      Lately though I've been able to sneak some of my art supplies into my job for slow days. I've been greatly enjoying this. I feel more in my element when i am allowed to use my creativity.

      I managed to interpret the God telling me to throw away stuff dream. I sensed upon waking up that I needed to let go of those feelings of failure, stop comparing myself to others and start anew with my art. The art college dream following seemed to change. I was not feeling scared of the assignment, and that was when I found a poem written on the sidewalk. I actually wrote it down somewhere in my apartment, because it was so clear in the dream. It was more less about being courageous and using my creativity (I'll have to find the written version. It also incorporated quite a few of the words that flashed around in that one dream). In the dream I literally cut out the sidewalk poem, like one would with scissors, and turned that into the teacher with some drawings on the margins. That was when the teacher seemed impressed.

      The classroom dream was part of a lot of other strings of dreams, some new dream scenes I've not experienced before. It all seemed revered. My dreams I'm usually trying to capture something, or take photos with my camera to take with me to the waking world. I'm never able to succeed. This dream my father was trying to take a picture of me with my camera and I was exhausted. I held out my hand and refused the picture.

      Waking up thoughts guided me back to a photo forum where I was asking to improve my photography skills and people were being critical. More less I wasn't shooting anything that no one else could.
      My thoughts snapped together thinking about pictures in an art gallery and how people love to say the same things about some of the paintings. I gleaned from it I need to feel more confident in myself and not be so worried about what other people may think. My fears and anxiety are what keep me from trying to even enter my pictures/artwork into things. Then if I am successful I start second guessing myself.
      Even though the dream was a bit disturbing I felt some sense of victory that I was able to snap pieces together in my mind.

      The teacher dream: I am trying to tell myself the dream characters are all me. I still seem to isolate them and by default think of them as outside my body. I get the feeling the dreams I had Wed are trying to get me to move onto the next level of awareness with myself, thus the new scenes I haven't had before. Maybe I'm supposed to teach myself something, and right now I am not fully grasping what it is.

      The next time I have a classroom dream, either being student or teacher, I want to see if I can take the thought that the teacher may be just as clueless as I am, or the students and see how the dream changes from there. That is if I get that freedom.

      Also in the dream string: Singing. First time I've ever sung in a dream that I remember. I was singing some pretty song more less about what you posted, being strong, courageous and assertive. I ended up nearly waking up, and ended up losing the song. Future dream scenes had me trying to sing that song but I kept losing more and more of the words as I tried to sing it. My voice also defaulted back to what I would sing like in real life (not very good, certainly not in tune.) Later scene I was in an attic room by a cluttered table. I found a pencil and paper and tried to write the song down. The words kept disappearing as I wrote them. I couldn't write legibly.

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