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      Hi, first post here. Need help with understanding last nights dream

      I was sitting under a large tree in a forest, very peaceful setting. I looked down at one of the roots which was hollow and about an inch in diameter. I put my finger in it and felt something touch my finger. I jumped back and a green snake came out. It kinda took off and went towards a snow covered mountain top. I went after it and while following it the snake grew much larger and turned black. I was guess and say about 3 to 5 feet in length.

      It then rounded a little peak and when I came around there was a wolf den with a white mother wolf and several pups. She came at me and I asked her to please not hurt me as I was following that snake. She pushed me into a dry riverbed with her nose as if try to hide me. I got out and somehow I had a shotgun and blasted the snake into a couple bits. The wolves went and gathered the bits and started eating, very happy at this point.

      This is when I woke up. Strange that I lucid dream often, but this one I wanted to see it through as a regular dream?

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      This dream suggests that you need to be more direct in achieving your goal.

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      too many possibly meanings.

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