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      in love with celeb??????

      Just woke up from this dream and i really hope someone can help me with this!! normally i dont have dreams but just go into deep sleep but today i woke up after the dream.

      there's this celeb, let's name him e. in the dream he's not famous but just like the average joe (he's a recording artist that composes in real life, i do admire him in real life )
      he appeared in my house (extra room maybe? there used to be one until my sister and i had separate rooms a few months back)

      the next scene was that we were sitting next to each other with him on my right, we were looking at something i couldn't remember what (phone i guess??) then he suddenly put his arm around my shoulder. i tensed up and turned to look at him in shock but he just continued staring at whatever we were looking at. subsequently, i turned by head back and looked at the thing we were focused on

      the next scene was that we were in a supermarket, in between 2 alleys. i was looking at a random product that i had in my hand, he suddenly came behind me and took something off the shelf in front of me while resting his chin on the top of my head and the elbow to wrist area on my shoulders. he was like talking about the item he had in his hand but i was just stoning and shocked (again) i was like "what are you doing?" he just casually replied "what? looking at this?" while signaling to the item he had in his hands. after a while, he left the item back and took the product i had in my hand but placed it in the basket before grabbing my wrist and pulling me away

      scene jump again, now we were at my house again. this time my parents were there as well. they were chatting, my parents asked him about what he's doing here, he said he's working at a hotel cause he had a friend who introduced him there (i'm currently in my final year studying for a diploma in leisure and resort management - possible link?) in my heart i was thinking "wooo, same industry! but then..." while they were chatting i was busy changing the channels for my dad who wanted to watch movies. normally i can find the channels easily but i was stumbling at that time. maybe i was too interested in e's conservation with my parents? it took me a while to find the channels and when i told my dad those channels, my alarm went off and i woke up.

      when e did those things, i did think if he likes me but he didn't say anything so i just shrugged it off but still kinda hoped that something happened between us.

      i'm 19 this year, never been in a relationship before (is that why the dream?)
      but currently there's this guy who says he wants to go on a date with me but i have totally no feelings for him and its hard for me to reject him in a nice way. so in a way im avoiding his texts taking a long time to reply.
      he's not a tourism student nor someone who does music

      is there a link with the guy and my dream of e?

      kind soul out there please help me!

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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some more general background information about you (and a description of events just before the dream), a few ideas can be tried out to see if they might fit your personal situation in some way.

      Just to mention that we all dream about five times a night and the fact that, unlike usually, you’ve remembered this dream shows that it’s important in some way.

      Most dreams are about parts of our own personality which in turn is symbolized by the house or apartment etc. where we live in the dream.

      So the celeb in your dream stands for a part of you which has “appeared on the scene” for some reason.

      A guy in the dreams of a girl partly represents such aspects of herself as being assertive, being focused and determined, as well as the thoughts and opinions etc. that are present in her mind.

      Because the guy is a celeb, it’s possible that he represents a kind of opinion, belief or wish etc. like “It’s very important to be the centre of attention and to be really admired by masses of people”.

      If so, this conclusion isn’t probably one that you’re actually aware of and therefore, it isn’t one that you’ve “thought through carefully” in a personal way.

      Instead, it likely has been picked up just from the influence of television, social media and movies etc.

      If this is the case, the dream could be hinting that this attitude or desire etc. is “getting too close” to you in a way (the celeb puts his arm around you) and you should feel ill at ease about it (you tense up).

      This idea is apparently emphasized by the next scene in the supermarket where he again touches you and even pulls you away by the wrist.

      It’s a little complicated to explain, but a supermarket is of course where food and various ingredients are sold.

      These are then prepared, cooked and eaten, providing nourishment.

      Symbolically, this represents the raw material of everyday experiences being reflected on (e.g. cooked), eaten and “digested” in order to provide the “nourishment” of coming to understand things.

      Because of your young age, you’re taking in a lot of new experiences right now and trying to make sense of them.

      Of course, soon you’ll be starting a career in leisure and resort management, so maybe the dream is partly saying that, because you’ll probably be very good at this job and could gain a lot of praise and attention etc., you might tend to allow this to dominate your attitude too much (e.g. the celeb pulled you away by the wrist in the supermarket).

      It might also kind of get in the way of sorting through your own personal beliefs and opinions about things so that it could be harder to stay being the real you over time (e.g. you have trouble sorting through the movie channels for your dad).

      Maybe success in your job could also get in the way of relationships because you might tend to stay with what comes easily to you instead of learning more about how to navigate through the sometimes hard to handle interactions with guys.

      So it’s possible that the dream does partly link with the guy who wants a date with you, perhaps hinting that while you’re young is the time to try out relationships.

      For example, he might turn out to have another interest other than tourism and music which you could find fascinating in some way.

      At least you could gain some experience in how to pleasantly end a relationship by saying something like he was nice but it turned out you both just don’t have enough in common to carry on seeing each other.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything much about you, this way of looking at your dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your dream.

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