Hi guys,

This is my first post. Been having really odd dreams and even after studying a small amount of dream analysis I couldn't work it out. Anyway a bit of background first of all...

This dream is a reoccurring one a nightly basis for the past week or so. Its about my girlfriend. We have been together for the best part of four years and little to none relationship problems. No issues such as cheating or not being able to trust each other. A very happy relationship in all. To the point I have discussed my dream with her. The dream in question has started happening most nights for the past week. My sleeping patter and stress levels have been the same they have always been. Currently working through University/College, have a low stress part time job and regally do things I enjoy. This stable living has been completely constant for the past few years, so i have not been able to link this new dream with any changes in routine or emotional state. Socially me and my girlfriend socialise in the same groups with the same friends we have met and gone through school with. Anyway, on to the dream!

The dream normally starts in with me in a discussion or just in the presence of a woman of similar age with black hair and pretty normal looks. Not someone I would consider very sexy yet still appealing to the eye. What I'm trying to convey is that I don't lust for this woman in the dream, In fact one of the strongest feelings is of friendship to her. This is odd as this woman is someone I have never seen before in my life. To my conscious knowledge she is a complete creation of my imagination.

As the dream starts I can remember talking and socialising with this person in a large house of which does not seem familiar to me. I can never remember the specifics of the conversation but seems enjoyable and friendly. The woman comes across has someone with similar interests and in the dream a good friend. My girlfriend is always mentioned in discussion, and we discuss my good relationship and how Its good to have this woman as a close friend alongside having my girlfriend. In the dream I get the feeling that this woman is some how in love with me, and I have an awareness/sympathy for her feelings. I note that she has a personality much like my girlfriends and see her as nice person. But like i already mentioned do not in any way have any conscious romantic feelings to her.

The dream then suddenly moves to my bedroom. Me and my girlfriend are in bed normally talking or watching television. But this is where it gets strange. When ever I go to kiss my girlfriend she turns into this other woman. I thought perhaps this was my sub conscious possibly showing that I lust after someone else or Im not happy in my relationship, but the truth is that really isn't the case. Anyway, my girlfriend changes into this woman, which shocks me and I immediately recoil and the situation ends up repeating itself. Other times during the dream, I may kiss my girlfriend on the stomach or shoulder and hug her, and after a while I realise that once again she has changed to this woman. The woman seems very comfortable and happy, almost in the same sort of mood that my gf is displaying. Its worth noting at this stage that I have never even thought about cheating and during the dream as soon as i realise there is a different woman in my bed it angers, upsets and disgusts me as I immediately move away. Although that is the case, i still feel comfortable with this unknown woman. The dream then tends to fizzle out after a few cycles of this process of the woman being in my bed, it normally end with me possibly waking when I'm especially shocked that I've been hugging or kissing this woman after realising it wasn't my girlfriend.

So thats pretty much the whole dream. I hope there is enough backround info regarding it. It would be great to hear your guys opinions and interpretations of the meaning behind this dream. I feel slightly that its just completely off and random, but surely it has to represent something!

Thanks in advance,