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      The Dream Just Knows

      A while back I had a dream that, for the most part, seems fairly obvious; it's the ending of the whole thing that throws me out of whack. Because it was over a month ago and I didn't really write it down like I should have I have forgotten most of what happened, so instead of trying to think of it I will just copy down the text I sent to my friend:

      "The dream started out with me looking at the stars in the yard of my old high school; they were very beautiful, but strange . . . strange, because each star was 'connected' to the last. They almost looked like one of those connect-the-dots sheets. My attention was quickly drawn from the stars when an airplane that was far too close to the ground came into my vision. I knew instinctively that it was going to crash, and when it did I and everyone else started to panic. When the impact was made, debris from the plane started falling from the sky, and something hit me in the leg and made it impossible for me to move very fast. I got on the ground and tried to crawl away, but before I was able to a giant parachute was floating down from the sky. If I was not able to get away then I would definitely suffocate under it, so I again tried to get away, but this time gas clouds were erupting from the site. I covered my nose and mouth with my shirt and hoped I wouldn't catch fire (that's dreams for ya), and at the point the dream started disconnecting . . . I was waking up . . . but before I did, a voice--my subconscious?--came over 'the dream' and said, 'This type of dream has always seemed very scary, but in fact it's nothing but good. Sound strange? Well, like Freud, the dream just knows.'"

      Okay, so, in ordinary circumstances I'd say that the stars are indicating that my goals are too far-out and I have set them too high, and the plane--especially since it crashed--it indicates that my goals will fail.

      However, I am realllly into stellar astronomy (the study of the stars). I have many dreams where I am looking at constellations, and I only have been having them since I got interested in astronomy. For that reason I am not so confident that the more "common" interpretation of stars (at least according to DreamMoods) is not my own.

      What really confuses me is the voice at the end that tried to say the dream didn't indicate anything bad at all. The last bit about Freud was meant to be funny (in the dream I got the idea that Freud "just knew" everything he ever wrote about and had nothing to back up his stuff), but I kind of don't think it has as much relevancy as the rest of it.

      Any thoughts? o.O

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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some additional general background information about you (and a description of events just before the dream), it’s probably safe to say that it’s a deeper dream than you may believe.

      That’s because you’re still thinking about it a month later and the first scene showed you looking up at the stars.

      Unlike most “dream dictionary” interpretations of what stars mean, they actually are a very profound symbol.

      Words alone can’t really get across the “meaning” contained in the image of a night sky filled with stars, but basically, it’s really mostly an image symbolizing the vast potential of both good and bad that’s contained in the unconscious of the dreamer.

      This goes beyond the memories and wishes etc. of the individual dreamer, reaching down into the collective depths of instinct and image that have been passed down through our DNA, an inner heritage which is meant to foster the best possible handling of an infinite number of life situations so that we can survive life’s challenges as effectively as possible (essentially so that both the individual and the human species can live on).

      Since you’re young and being bombarded by all kinds of information and influences from outside, it’s likely that the image of the night sky appeared in order to put you in touch with a more “timeless” and “wise” part of yourself, perhaps because from the dream’s point of view, you might be drifting a little too far away from the real potential you (as would be symbolized, for example, by a single star).

      This idea is supported by the fact that you’re viewing the night sky from the yard of your old high school.

      That is, you could be staying with an attitude or outlook etc. that was fine back then but which is now perhaps becoming outdated in some way.

      For instance, the problem could be that you’re not really seeing enough of any “patterns” or “coherence” in how you’re currently moving forward in your life (i.e. all of the stars are connected by lines but apparently there are none of the traditional constellations being hinted at).

      Over the ages, the psyche automatically projected its nature onto the stars (e.g. via the concepts of the constellations and Zodiac etc.).

      It’s even possible that your fascination with astronomy was partly stimulated indirectly by your psyche wanting you to look at the inner “constellations” and not at outer individual stars and their physical attributes etc.

      If so, the dream could be partly saying “Hold it. This isn’t what I was getting at” regarding your current conscious attitude to the stars and other matters.

      In this way of looking at your dream, what could be wrong in how you’re looking at things could then appear in the image of the dangerously crashing plane.

      Dreams express themselves via analogies, metaphors and similes, so the first idea is that a plane flies in the “air”.

      Air, sky and the wind are all traditionally connected with spirit and the intellect, and this idea appears regularly in the dreams of modern people.

      A plane in also a “vehicle”, symbolic of the way in which the dreamer uses her or his physical energy and psychological interests to move around in day to day life.

      In this case, you’re not even in charge of the “vehicle” which then crashes, suggesting perhaps that the values and opinions etc. which are guiding you might be generally too “collective” and not personally crafted enough to your own individual nature (e.g. the plane is apparently a large one, making it more likely that it’s owned by a large “collective” company as opposed to an individual).

      So the dream could be what’s called a “Prospective” one, meaning something like “If you continue on unchanged (in such-and-such an attitude/behavior etc.) then (such-and-such) could happen”.

      It might not be that your goals are too high per se, but that they’re not being consciously balanced enough as you go along by being “grounded” adequately through paying closer attention to your own feelings, instinctive reactions and intuitions etc.

      Any such situation could indeed lead to “injury” (e.g. a person might find their “mobility” hurt by crippling doubts or in feeling physically ill too much of the time etc. etc.).

      Even the normally “saving” quality of thinking and reasoning in difficult circumstances (possibly symbolized by the parachute) could instead become “suffocating” and deadly (the giant parachute could land on you).

      In addition, the potentially life-giving air of the spirit and intellect instead becomes contaminated with life-destroying gas which unfortunately could also explode and symbolically destroy the ego’s normal outlook and structure.

      Especially if the voice was male, the statement it makes probably represents a kind of fixed opinion and rationalization of the situation which could potentially seem like it’s “yours” in waking life when it really isn’t.

      For example, a person might have the spontaneous thought “I ate too much cheese before going to bed and this is where the dream came from”, therefore conveniently allowing any unpleasant meaning associated with it to be dismissed.

      But it’s probably safe to say that if a person just trusted their natural gut reaction to the frightening images in a dream like yours, they would at least sense that there was something real and disturbing to the dream, just like we should pay attention to a physical symptom that’s a little worse than usual and doesn’t go away because it can signal a strong need to find out what’s going on.

      Your statement ‘I got the idea that Freud "just knew" everything he ever wrote about and had nothing to back up his stuff’ is unbelievably accurate.

      For example, Freud was once describing a concept that he had developed to the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung who was his collaborator at the time.

      Jung asked him why he believed the concept was true and Freud answered something to the effect “Because I thought it”. That is, he didn’t treat the thought as a kind of intuition that had to be tracked down and verified through careful clinical work but as something given and complete, contrary of course to the accepted scientific method that was well entrenched even in Freud’s time. (If you’re interested in reading sometime an accurate and revealing account of Freud’s methods, you would probably like “The Freud Files” by Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen and Sonu Shamdasani which, although clearly written, is not exactly a light read).

      So the statement in your dream emphasizes how wrong the idea is that “This type of dream has always seemed very scary, but in fact it's nothing but good”.

      The idea could be that its placement right at the end of the dream was maybe meant to keep you from falling into a usual habit you might have of pooh-poohing something which makes you feel a little uncomfortable in order to avoid looking at it too closely.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything much about you, this way of looking at your dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your dream.


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