Hello,i had a strange dream today.I was sitting on the passenger's seat(the one next to the driver seat),all of a sudden an old guy says politely to me 'Hello,sorry but,could i get in the car?I haven't been in a car before'',he was around 70-80y.o.,small beard and moustache and small round glasses,from what i can remember.I respond rudely 'I don't give a crap'(i don't like old people in general).Then,he starts nagging at me about my behavior and he gets in the car.I am shocked at first,i shout back,but i think it wouldn't be nice to kick him out or hit him.He keeps nagging in a semi-parental tone,but it's all blabla for me,so i don't remember what was said.After a while,i decide to get on the driver's seat and give him a ride with the car.He was silent throughout the ride,just observing the scenery(Note:I don't drive in real life,no license).I could drive perfectly in the dream,at the end he said 'nice driving'.He asked to use the bathroom at my house,then i start thinking,maybe if i'll be polite,he'll stop bothering me.He exited the bathroom and i calmly showed him the way out.
I'm confused about this one,i can't seem to find a clear explanation about this 'symbol'.I can't figure if it's something positive or negative,from my small research.Any clues?