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    Thread: need help interpreting an important dream i had a few nights ago

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      need help interpreting an important dream i had a few nights ago

      I'm very intuitive, and frequently ask my guides for assistance. I have telepathic dreams, and precognitive dreams as of recently. Now that we have that out of the way, here's the dream; I'm walking through the woods. I'm feeling peaceful. I crawl under a thicket of bushes, and I'm kneeling down, looking at something in the clearing. I don't know what. I have this strange bug following me. It's not a real bug at all. It is bright orange, with butterfly wings, but its body resembled a beetle, sort of. It's body is transparent, but it had this bright yellow light in its body. It kept landing on me, and I was annoyed and kept swatting at it, to get it to leave me alone. Suddenly, I heard this voice tell me, " the only way it can be destroyed, is by the light inside itself. " it sounded like my voice, telling that to myself. Not that I was thinking those words or saying them, but as if I was outside of myself, telling myself that. I was intrigued, and I woke up. I know it means something important. I know it does. I never have dreams like that, and I'm usually quick to interpret my own dreams. I've wrote it down, re read it over and over, racking my brain for the answer, but I can't figure it out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know this is an important dream.
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      Your dream is especially important because it contains a kind of “other-worldly” flying insect, suggesting that this image came from the deep, collective layers of your psyche.

      This type of dream appears most often at important transition points in the dreamer’s life.

      In this case, your dream starts with a peaceful walk through the woods, possibly showing how much you enjoy experiencing the products of your unconscious (i.e. the woods) in the form of intuitions and dreams, the latter having recently become even more fascinating and interesting.

      A similar connection with your psyche might occur when gardening, drawing and writing.

      But a kind of insect has been bothering you on this particular walk, apparently driving you to seek shelter under a thicket of bushes so that you can apparently look at it more carefully while it’s in a clearing.

      This could represent the dream’s advice to actually examine a sort of nagging intuition or thought etc. that has perhaps recently appeared on the scene but which hasn’t been paid much attention to.

      Winged beings from angels to insects symbolize “messengers” from the unconscious which in a practical way consist of subtle feelings, intuitions, fantasies or fleeting, spontaneous thoughts etc. which are not under the control of the will.

      This is based on the analogy that insects basically come and go as they please, usually being at least annoying to us from their persistent presence.

      But sometimes an “attack” can occur if we’re not careful, leading to disease and death such as from a biting mosquito carrying malaria etc.

      It’s possible that the dream is also advising you to be careful, “take shelter” (the thicket) and to “be humble” (kneeling) while you examine this particular messenger because its “communication” is from a “strange” source (i.e. whatever created such an odd insect) and could be hard to swallow in some way.

      Maybe the term “The medium is the message” can be borrowed to help clarify what the bug symbolizes.

      For example, its unusual form could represent overall that something is distorting the normal flow and nature of the messages from your psyche.

      While each constituent of the insect in the clearing (i.e. a beetle, a butterfly) would be “normal” on its own, the combination of the two is “off” somehow.

      Broadly speaking, a beetle can symbolize either a kind of renewal of consciousness or a drift towards passivity and unconsciousness, depending on the actual circumstances of the dreamer.

      Similarly, a butterfly can represent a range from the potential for deep transformation to an attitude given to flitting from one place to the next without much focus or dedication.

      So their combination in one creature might possibly be emphasizing an attitude which could be especially “confused” and “unclear” in its goals etc.

      Colour symbolism can be very complex in dreams, but it’s possible that the bug’s orange colour could represent the “disturbing” factor which is possibly at work in your psyche at this time.

      For example, delving into the unconscious can bring a person in touch with unbelievably powerful and beautiful images and experiences.

      Therefore, the ego can understandably tend to become carried away and partly inflated by such things.

      Since orange can sometimes symbolize certain feelings such as pride and ambition, it’s possible that the recent upsurge in compelling dreams etc. could tend to be causing an increase in an ego attitude which is kind of saying about any such dreams and intuitions etc. “This is me” when in fact, such phenomena are really part of the objective psyche which is separate from the ego.

      Yellow often symbolizes intuition, so the light in the insect could be the nagging intuition regarding any such state of affairs which apparently needs to become conscious (i.e. the bug won’t leave you alone).

      Perhaps the voice in the dream is from your “better half” as it were and it says "The only way it can be destroyed is by the light inside itself”.

      Symbolically, this probably means something like “The only way that this nagging intuition/thought can be silenced for good [i.e. destroyed] is if its message [i.e. the light] is accepted into your awareness”.

      Like all messages from the unconscious, the original voice message is at least slightly ambiguous because it could possibly be taken as hinting that you should just squish the bug and be rid of it, that is, symbolically by “suppressing” what it represents.

      However, doing so would be a trap because in reality, the insight or realization etc. would just come out in some kind of unpleasant physical and/or psychological symptom.

      As a couple of very general examples, a person could begin having more headaches than usual which have no apparent physical cause, or they might experience uncontrollable outbursts of anger that far exceed any reasonable response to an outside cause.

      Anyway, without knowing anything much about you, this way of looking at your dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your dream.
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      Actually, alot of this resonates with me. I am still trying to figure this Out, I talked to a friend the other day, she suggested making a web graph and solving it, so that's what I'm going to do, and I will let you know the result! thanks a ton for your interpretation, it truly helps a ton!

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      Lightbulb Seeing The Light?


      It looks like this something bugged your peace.
      "I crawl under a thicket of bushes, and I'm kneeling down." Does this mean you were 'crawling' and hiding, on your knees, or not standing in some way in yourself?
      "looking at something in the clearing. I don't know what." You don't know what will make you clear. "I have this strange bug following me."

      I wonder if the hard shell of the beetle means you recognized you are in your shell somewhat, contrasted by the open beauty and freedom of the butterfly?
      Many beetles can fly too, which might signify the two are not that far apart, or becoming the other not too far away, once you've seen as you have.
      Could the warm colours signify a warmth within or with people bugging you? Or were you in the woods to be alone?
      "I was annoyed and kept swatting at it, to get it to leave me alone." Perhaps this points to that or wanting to be alone too much.
      Or the woods can mean being sort of afar away and obscured, like the bushel you may feel you hid your light under perhaps.
      The bug might mean the inner light you want or seek. Your inner self of transformation.
      "It had this bright yellow light in its body" sounds like the spirit in the body or shell you clearly saw through the body to see.

      "The only way it can be destroyed, is by the light inside itself," sounds like the you which is outside yourself, or of your current way, beyond you.
      Maybe the only way to get rid of this bug is to reveal the light within you, to see what you really are which you clearly saw was there, and which intrigued you.
      Might be like destroying part of you - the ego or false you or just who you are familiar with - which you may not want and you may have to kneel or lower yourself.
      This may be why you know this is an important dream, and never have dreams like that. Did you just recently have a dream in your life like this?

      Or it might not be that direct, and may refer to your intuitive, frequently asking guides for assistance, telepathic and precognitive aspects bugging you, or in a particular way or maybe one did.
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