Last night I had a dream that started off with me being married at a very young age, and my husband and I had a party and I felt alone, like he wasn't paying any attention to me, So i walked outside barefoot, it was cold and the grass was brown but I started sprinting and I felt so alive I remember thinking in my dream that it felt so good to run and questioned if this is the reason I ran cross country for a couple years in middle school. Then after that its me and my husband walking into someone else's house, and I'm just chasing after him curious about what he's doing, and he's just looking in this mans house trying to find a reason to like him and I notice he has a room full of batman games and figurines and thats my husbands favorite, after seeing that i start to walk outside but notice a van spying on us, talking on the walkie talkie and I immediately ran as fast as i could, and they hopped out of the van trying to get me and then I just stop and I stand in front of the man and he said he was looking for my husband like to arrest him and I felt relieved for one second but after that I felt a pit in my stomach because I realize if he gets arrested he will be in jail because he is out on bond from being set up a friends drug dealer. he was our sole source of income, we have two daughters and i just thought I needed to protect him. its like the world paused and I ran back to my husband letting him know the authorities were after him, and we ran into our house, and Flushed all of his marijuana (hes always been a smoker and its something he never thought of letting go) but he had a lot and i began to flush it all for him, dumping out liquor and just getting rid of everything that way if they authorities didn't have a reason to arrest him they wouldn't find one, and then he disappears and through the corner of my eye I see the detective walking down my hallway and as he began out of my view i saw another man with a large knife immediately decapitate him, and I am petrified and i lock myself in the bathroom. i notice the killer is gone and i ran through the kitchen grabbed a knife and was about to leave when i see him come back with a boy about 10 years old, and there's no where to hide, I'm in a bathroom with a half door and he comes up to it and is threatening me, and i ask him why is he doing this especially in front of this young boy and i put up the knife for him to get away from me, and he says i know you don't have it in you to hurt me, and i just thought of my cousins who were in a knife fight with one of their exes and I didn't want to be tortured or injured or killed so I grabbed the toilet seat cover and wrapped it on my hand and grabbed his knife so it couldn't hurt me, and i stabbed him but he fought back so i only got the side of him, i knew he really needed to hurt to not come after me so It took every piece of strength in me to stab him in the heart and i did, and i started to run out of the room when I woke up.