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      Arrow Awesome then disturbing dream

      Hi, so i'm 19, in college, living away from home with a buddy in a big city and i come from a small town. We've been here for almost 3 months now, it's great but given there are so many people, it can get creepy as hell sometimes, especially at night. This might be related to the dream, who knows...
      On to the dream:
      At first i was in a beautiful, green lush forest, sun shining through, just beautiful. I was a cat, atleast i felt like one since i was constantly in first person view, and i was hunting for food.
      I'd see another cat a bit further away run by and catch a fish lying in the grass and then the cat runs away. So i look around and see dead fish, wet like they just came out of the water, scattered around the forest (which had lush green grass all over, no dirt).
      In front of me is a small crevace, smooth edges and covered in grass and one fish rolls from the top of it down through the grass and swoop in and grab it with my hand(?).
      Then it transitions to me running around, this time i felt like a caveman or some hunter from that period, running around with almost soundless footsteps, picking up dead skunks. I remember picking up two, i could see the cat from earlier somewhere off to my right doing the same thing. So i run into a live skunk and it begins running from me, quite fast and i remember following, almost smiling, happy that i'll get lots to eat. So as i get near, i take my swiss army knife out of my pocket (i carry one with me always, my dad gave it to me before i came here) and catch it. It makes a bit of a sad, crying like voice and i run the blade against its throat and let it go. I remember watching it slowly bleed out and stumble along weakly before it finally breathes out and lies in the grass. I felt sorry for it as i watched it die but i knew i had to do it. Oh yeah, i remembrr i was chasing him around the base of a concrete building at one point and down some concrete stairs like in a park, no idea why. ( i do live near a big park with stairs resembling those and i walk down those every day when i'm going to the city center.)
      That was basically the end, i kneel next to it and pick it up and i had 3 dead skunks in my hand, content that i'll have food. Then it transitions into this:
      I check my facebook like i do often to see if anyone had messaged me. Given that i came here just recently i've been making friends. So i spot an unread message but there was no notification for it, like i saw it some time earlier and just ignored it. It was a kiss emoji with something along the lines of "Hi there" and then below it "Aura? Come here i'll clean your aura" and a kiss emoji again. It was from some man, i have no idea who he is but that screamed creepy. The message was old too, burried in my other conversations. So i remember replying something, like i wanted to know who he was and the next thing i know, i'm on the sidewalk in some part of the city i don't recognize, some closed shops along the way and some guy standing there looking at his phone. It was pitch black everywhere around except for that short strip of sidewalk i was on, there were lights from neon signs and i could hear two men talking like it was from inside a shop or garrage. Everything was closed and it seemed like it was 2-3 am in winter, no snow.
      So i walk around, looking at theclosed shop entrances, i knew i was looking for the guy that messaged me and as i passed the guy on the phone i asked loudly "Who are you?!" in a commanding voice, agitated, not scared. I could see the guy turn wirh my perripheral vision and give me a confused look.
      Then i was in some office like area, seemed like a mechanics office in a shop, it was all sky/baby blue. There was a man in a leather chair talking to some other man that i couldn't see. I was in the hallway looking at the office a few steps away. The man in the chair was the creepy message man but i don't remember his appearance, blonde short hair and he was big (as in muscular and tall) thats it. Next thing i know we're at wgat looks like a check out desk, everything blue again and the man is at the desk, talking in a weird, high pitched almost feminine voice. I had a feeling he was gay. So he's talking to me and occasionally the man nexto to me that i dont remember, i know i didnt like what he was saying because it creeped me out and i left. Then, i appeared back at my apartment.
      Like i had just come from the outside, i stand at the door ready to lock it when i hear talking on the other end. I stay quiet and reach for my keys, the same swiss knife attached to the keychain like it is in real life, very accurate setting in detail. I know i felt like i needed to lock the door and could sense that just outside the door was that man that messaged me. I felt threatened and hurried to lock it, turning the key slowly, counting 1 2 3 4 in my head since it took 4 turns to lock the big safety lock with a special key. Then the hard knocking started, with an eerie tempo - bang....bang....bang...bang...- so i ask loudly "who the fuck is it?!" again with a strong voice but i could almost feel him breathing on the other side of the door.
      The knocking stopped and then he started banging insanely at the door, i remember stepping back as it shook and he screamed psychotically " IT'S PAPA JONES, IT'S PAPA JONES" like a maniac. I woke up with those words ringing in my ears. (i have no idea who papa jones might be, nor did i see his appearance once in the dream. I just remember, somehow, that he was tall. I live in Serbia so i so idont know why the dream was in english, like a movie almost).
      Anyways, that's it, i was happy with the first part and then the second one weirded me out, so if anyone has some insight it would be helpful,
      Thanks a lot,
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