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      Question Such a vivid dream.

      Hello everyone.
      I am wondering if anyone can help me out with some suggestions about what my dream might mean?

      My dream last night was very vivid. I dreamt that I was at a big Fair in a park. It was beautiful weather. All of a sudden someone kicked me. It was my friend (well call him T) who in real life is dead and has been for 8 years.
      In my dream he told me he wasn't dead and had faked his death but missed me and wanted to come say hi.
      He was wearing a jumper, jeans and a pair of white runners. He always wore a jumper and jeans but the runners were different. He would have always wore boots.
      Anyway in my dream I can't really recall what else we talked about but before long we were kissing. (Yes we did that once or twice in real life too). It was an amazing kiss and I was so so so so so happy to see him again. To the extent that now I am awake and realise it's not true I am feeling a little blue.

      It was only the two of us in my dream. After we kissed he just held my hand.

      Now, I don't know much about dream interpretation but in my limited brain, I have one or two explanations.

      Firstly that I miss him and something triggered the memory of him last night
      Secondly that he was come to give me a message of some kind (I'm not sure what though)
      Thirdly - I am going through a bit of a health crisis at the moment (having biopsies and abnormal cells removed) and I am wobdering if he was come to me to guide me through this. (That would be typical of him. He was a mentor in real life and helped lead me down many unknown paths - until our relationship shifted and turned physical for a short while) I am also worried that this means I am sicker than I am letting myself believe and he is coming to "get me" or at least prepare me for something along these lines (yes I may have watched too much greys anatomy in the past!!)

      What are your thoughts?

      I am trying so hard to recall more details, but a lot of it was feeling based which is hard to describe. My heart was so full to see him again. I can't put the right words together. I just felt complete again. I wish he was still here. I don't know if it matters or not for dream intrepratation but he died aged 40 by suicide. It took me some time to forgive him for this (which I know is terrible of me to say- but I realise now it was just part of my grieving process. If I was angry it meant I didn't have to be sad that he was gone)
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