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      Bloody Knife-fights

      Last night out of nowhere I remembered about 4 dreams (now only 2) all of them included someone trying to murder me with a knife, they were all completely different scenarios and people.

      this is the last one, which I remember with the most detail:

      I was walking somewhere with a really close friend of mine (don't know him in real life), we kept walking with our arms around eachother and we were wearing the exact same outfit, there were other couples, and I don't remember why, but we were pretending to be a gay couple.
      Later there was a man chasing us with a knife, he wanted to kill us. We ran to our house and went inside, the man was also inside.
      He kept trying to stab us and he threw his knife a couple of times, I actually got stabbed and cut a few times which really hurt.
      We had grabbed a stack of knifes from our kitchen and tried stabbing him and throwing knifes at him, but our knifes were very blunt, the man was using a special knife that was extremely sharp.
      After a long fight and much running around the house, I somehow got hold of his knife, and he had a blunt one of ours. I had a closeup fight with him and managed to cut off his knife-arm while he cut me, blood squirted out of his arm. We needed to cut off his head to finish him, I was trying to hold the man down and my friend now had the sharp knife, the man was struggling very badly but finally we managed to cut off the top 3/4 of his head, it was absolutely disgusting and I nearly threw up. I said we had to clean it all up quickly, EVERYTHING was covered in blood and we were both covered in cuts and wounds. I wanted to get a garbage bag to put the pieces of the guy in, then I noticed it was dark outside, and we had the lights on inside, I quickly went to lock the windows and close the curtains, while I wondered if anyone had seen us and if there was backup from the man on their way.

      I can't think where it came from, I don't watch violent stuff or play violent games. Yesterday I went to my sisters place for my little nephews birthday, we sat outside in the sun most of the day and I felt very peaceful all day, I did more reality checks than usual while sitting there.
      I've been taking choline bitartrate to influence my dreams for about a week, it has changed my dreams very much, my dream were usually about random stuff, or really crazy stuff, or stuff from when I was a kid, but since I started taking choline, my dreams are very controlled and are mostly taking place around the neighbourhood where I live now, and the stuff that happens isnt THAT crazy. (It does seem to help for LDing, because it makes me RC more in my dreams).
      Yesterday I decided to not take it and see what would happen.

      It's not in my top 10 worst nightmares, but it's definitely disturbing me because I have no idea where it came from.
      My very worst nightmares nearly always involve aliens, but atleast I can see where that fear would come from, this is just so random, I never think about being stabbed/chased with a knife.
      I just checked my dream journal and I did dream about being robbed by 3 woman with knifes 3 days ago, but it wasnt scary, I sort of flirted with one of them who flirted back and actually gave me half my money back haha
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      In short - it means that your body is probably experiencing some kind of decay and blood restriction, due to the fact you are using drugs. I'm ignoring all the rest of the stuff - you probably associate knives with blood or something, or power in sex, etc...


      Choline supplementation, huh?

      I assume you are hoping that it is going to have some action on your parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS), because you read that it is gonna help produce Acetylcholine through Choline acetyltransferase, and so make you smart(er).

      Let us explore a few facts about Choline supplementation, and support our facts with published medical articles - let's pretend we're scientists, instead of trying to drug ourselves into "cool dreams".

      1. Nicotine has the a more pronounced effect on the levels of the chemical you are trying to produce, but if you smoke while - trying to - introduce higher levels of Choline into your system, you are going to harm yourself:
      Neuropsychopharmacology - Effects of Prenatal Nicotine Exposure on Primate Brain Development and Attempted Amelioration with Supplemental Choline or Vitamin C: Neurotransmitter Receptors, Cell Signaling and Cell Development Biomarkers in Fetal Brain

      2. It has been contested that "remote" choline intake (not from food), due to its structure, cannot cross the blood/brain barrier, and so is therefore - probably ineffective.

      3. Its action as a Nootropic drug is not accepted even by people I know who are well versed in Nootropics, and it has proven to have no cognitive nor physiological effects in several physical studies:
      Choline ingestion does not modify physical or cognitive performance. - PubMed - NCBI
      Effect of choline supplementation on fatigue in trained cyclists. - PubMed - NCBI

      4. Supplementation with (if it even does what you think it does) / elevated levels of Choline, through Choline acetyltransferase can result in a lack of Homocysteine action in your body. When your cells have Cysteine, they are able to manufacture Glutathione. Low levels of Glutathione may reduce your ability to prevent free radical damage to your cells and may result in impaired function of your immune system.
      Cysteine - the Most Important Building Block for Cellular Glutathione Production scn: "why is cysteine important?"

      5. With lower (or higher) levels of Cysteine, you are putting yourself at risk of Homocysteinemia, which can make a person more prone to endothelial cell damage, which leads to inflammed blood vessels, which may lead to atherogenesis, which can lead to ischemic injury (damage to tissue due to bloodflow restriction) and can - speculatively - even lead to DNA damage, synaptic dysfunction and cell death.
      Medscape: Medscape Access
      MTHFR and the Folate Cycle

      6. If, say, the Choline supplementation was increasing levels of the neurotransmitter related to memory and visuospatial perception, - you are using a chemical salt or synthetic version. Let's examine the evidence that the by-product of artificially increased levels of Homocysteine action can do for your neuropsychiatric health (short story, it's not good...):

      Oxidative stress... now where were we just looking at how Choline supplementation might prevent free radical damage..? Ah yes - point 4.

      7. The only cognitive effects proven in scientific studies, whereby increased levels of (dietry acquired) Choline have had any positive effect on IQ, memory or visuospatial awareness, is if you are a fetus of a pregnant monkey. You will see that no trials have been run in humans, and the section there is noted to be purely speculative.
      Choline concentrations in human maternal and cord blood and intelligence at 5 y of age

      8. If you do wish to increase your Choline levels, there are plenty of foods that contain it in a readily useable form, that isn't a synthetic salt. Here are a few of the highest rankers, in order of how much is present:
      Beef, Cauliflower, Eggs, Broccoli, Spinach, Wheat germ, Soy, Milk, Tofu, Chicken, Kidney Beans, Grapefruit, Peanuts, Almonds and Brown Rice.

      With all those tasty recipes just waiting to be cooked - why are you trying to fake PSNS stimulation through the use of a substance that may or may not leave you stinking of fish..?

      I bet the supplement salt you are taking stinks pretty bad, doesn't it?

      I hope you've stopped using it, because your dream is probably your body's way of saying.

      Holy fuck boys... Something is happening here - no wonder there's so much blood, I NEED BLOOD BECAUSE OF WHAT THIS GUY HAS SAID IN 8 EASY TO UNDERSTAND POINTS, ALL NICELY REFERENCED LIKE A REAL SCIENTIST AND NOT SOME "ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE" HIPPIE WHO DROPPED OUT OF COLLEGE AND LEARNED HOW MOTHER NATURE CAN HEAL US, BECAUSE COLLEGE IS FOR CONFORMIST DRONES, MAN... (they do teach natural medicine as part of any good pharmacology degree, you know - There's always some truth in hippie medicine, but - like chinese medicine, it usually comes with a great deal of bad ideas and things that "traditionally" cause more harm than good - if not for the human, then probably the gorilla who's testicles you are putting in with your seahorse spunk and rhino horn).

      I'd say the bloodthirsty dream was as a result of your supplementation with Choline.
      When I first read it, I was going to say, "doesn't matter - you're probably on drugs", and this is kind of the same thing...

      I'm all for proven Nootropics, but how can you attest 100% that your experiences are truly yours if you are using synthetic substances to promote these experiences..?

      I just did you a lot of hard work, there sucker.
      You put anything in your body like that - it never ever leaves - it just diminishes forever.

      Oh I forgot your song - two mins....
      Here you go:
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