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      Gelatinous faces. Killer in our midst.

      Myself and some coworkers and others I did not know were staying in my grandparents' house. It's like we were there against our will and we knew there was a killer. Every morning when we woke, there would be two or three gelatinous masses on the floor. When flipped over, one of our faces would be on the other side and that meant we were marked for death. There was one man who professed his love to my friend and acted as if he was going to leave that night but in the morning we saw his face in one of the masses. He was gone. My friend vomited and I started groaning with terror. The horror and pure terror was unreal. We knew we were never getting out alive.

      In another part of my sleep, I guess, I was in my childhood home. I was with my mom looking out the window. We could see across the countryside all types of animals and people and vehicles stampeding down the road toward us. It felt like the end. Like we were in the apocalypse. Lighting shot through the sky almost in slow motion I could hear it peel and crack through the air.

      About me: I'm a female in my mid twenties who just moved back home. I've been at my new job for two months and I love it. I just got out of a long term relationship a few months ago. I have been speaking to someone I met online and we have a date tomorrow. Those are the things most affecting my emotions right now.

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      So you feel that your life is over now that the guy has gone, and you have moved back home to your folks?

      You don't want to be back at home, for the guy to be gone and for your life to be over...

      There is some fear about waking up and finding that someone is going or gone, that you have lost someone or something more - maybe yourself, maybe your job, maybe that guy (you never told us how the date went, btw...).

      What happened to your friend is very similar to what has happened to you, huh? You must be close, but you are not fated to lose the man.

      You started your job because the relationship ended? When you moved home?
      It has been only two months, yet you feel compelled to go have dates with strangers you met online - you must have been talking a while, so I guess you had a short period of being upset and - because of your new job and not going out in the new area to meet local people, you have no close friends other than this girl and ... some man...

      It seems like you are terrified of being alone, more specifically, a man leaving you.
      Yet, as soon as you feel you start to recover from one disaster, you are setting up what could potentially be another...

      I would take up a new hobby that involves a group, where you make friends instead of meeting people only because you have to (work) or with an agenda (date).

      Where is your self?
      What is wrong with being alone, or without a man?
      Why must you risk opening a wound before it is healed, by allowing strangers to scratch at it?

      I do not understand why you do this, but your dream shows that you are in no way over what has happened to you, and nothing will be fixed by plastering the wound with a new date.

      My internet time is over, but I think that is enough anyway.

      "You're the only one who saves me from myself", an independent woman.

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