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      What does this dream/nightmare-ish mean?

      So last night I had a dream. I was in this big house that seemed oddly familiar (grandparents old home).
      Myself and one other friend went onto the second floor, I can't remember what we were looking for, but we went into this room. We went around the corner, and felt something eery. I had suggested we leave because I felt uneasy. When we turned around, the door was barricaded with a dresser. Immediately we knew something bad was going to happen. Out of nowhwere, this ghost/demon thing sprung up and had attacked my friend. Down she went and I never seen her again for the rest of the dream. I had fallen onto this couch and he peered his face very close to mine. It was disfigured, and I believe an odd yellowish/sandpaper color. His face jumbaled yet scarred and I was scared
      I can't remember what he said to me, but he began eating my stomach. I did not feel pain but I was horrified as he munched. Then suddenly, instead of deciding to eat me completely, he had decided to keep me for himself. Like i was a prisioner
      But i felt like it was normal at the time. He had told me, "you think it's bad in here? Well it's worse outside those doors, and outside of them? You couldn't imagine." Something along those lines.
      And then I woke up.
      What could that possibly mean? What a weird dream/nightmare. But it wasn't really too much of a nightmare because I was not that scared, specially all of the time. And I felt no pain, either.
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