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      I had somewhat armageddon and end of world dream to me some events were dumb and didn't make sense . I went to a family grill out, and my sister asked for something I wasn't near so my grandmother called me and asked. I went to get what she wanted (batteries) They told me i had to go walk to someone house or something to get them so i was about to leave until i seen meteors falling down but at the very start of my dream i was with my best friend driving we were on the back. After I was about to get the batteries i seen numerous meteors fall from the sky i couldn't see where they landed but it started to storm. It was very windy and the sky became dark, except i could see a big white hand i guess killing (I can't remember what it did) and in like 2 seconds somehow I teleported to my grandmothers house and we are talking about the storm and wnd of world. She just says it's the government and I was asking questions about it she solved them l, but told me to stop asking questions she stated that it was the government doing this and that it would go away to which it did, but I somehow teleported back to the cookout and the storm is still rampaging so I was like the world gonna end so I just started kissing my best friend (I dont know where that came from prolly was desperate cause ya know end of the world) I see numerous logos in the sky saying that they could save us but it was like go to a location first 30 people to get there will live. But me and my best friend just waits til the end and die and i wake up i dont know man i dont have those types of dreams EVER

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      I see no one replied to your dream post. if you are still willing to seek an interpretation, I will assist you. I've learnt that nothing is in a dream by chance. Everything in a dream scene is full of learning for us if we are only listening. Therefore, I want you to do the following.

      Tell me how many dream scenes there were. Don't leave any out because you think they weren't relevant.

      FOR EACH SCENE I want you to tell me the following:

      I want you to look in your mind, as the observer, in the following directions and tell me what you see:
      1. To your left.
      2. To your right.
      3. In front of you.
      4. Behind you.
      5. Above you.
      6. Below you.

      It’s all right if you can’t recall much. Simply tell me what you see and make sure I know what direction it is from you the dreamer. In my interpretation, you’ll see how this is a symbol itself.

      When you are describing what you see, tell me in as much detail as you can recall about it. So things I am very interested in is what are walls, doors, windows, stairs, tables, etc. made of, age/style, colour, etc. The same goes for anything outside. You’ll see in my interpretations how all of this tells us lots about ourselves.

      1. Tell me what the lighting was like, i.e. bright, dull, black, cloudy etc.
      2. Then tell me where the light was coming from.
      3. Can you tell the time of day or season?
      Lighting is important in a dream because it’s a symbol of vibrational state. I’ll explain this during my interpretation for you.

      If there are any objects in a dream scene, then tell me about them as follows:
      1. Shape, size, colour and what they were made of.
      2. Where the object is in the dream relative to you, i.e. left, right, etc.

      I’ve found objects in dreams are usually symbols of things we first need to concentrate on spiritually. I’ll explain this in the interpretation if you had any objects in any of the scenes.

      For each person in a dream scene I want you to do the following:
      1. Describe them to me in as much detail as you can recall. This includes age, gender, clothes, colour of the clothes, what the clothes were made of.
      2. Tell me where they were in the dream scene relative to you, i.e. left, right, below, etc.
      3. Tell me if they were lying down, sitting, standing, walking, etc.
      4. Tell me what they did with you. Don’t skip the details. Simply tell me exactly what happened.
      5. If there are any conversations or thoughts between you and the person or others, then tell me EXACTLY WHAT WAS SAID. This is important.
      6. If there were others you couldn’t see but felt, then let me know where you felt they were in a scene relative to you the dreamer, i.e. left, right, etc.

      Animals. Etc.:
      If there were any animals, insects, birds, reptiles, fish or whatever in any of the scenes, then tell me. Describe them in as great as detail as you can recall. Also let me know where they were in the dream scene relative to you, i.e. left, right, etc. Then let me know of any thoughts that passed between you and them.

      This is a very important part of every dream scene. Take your time, go back and tell me the following for each scene:
      1. What was your first thought/feeling as the dream scene began.
      2. Tell me of any thoughts/feeling changes as the dream scene progressed and let me know where in the scene this occurred.
      3. Tell me your last thought/feeling as the dream ended.

      i realize this is a lot of work. However, I think you might be surprised at how much learning there is in one dream scene. If you reply, i will then happily give you an interpretation of your dream as if it was mine.

      With kind regards,

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