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      Met by a pride of lions.

      I was in the middle of nowhere, I was standing near an iron pole. When I saw the lions charging at me I grabbed the pole and I felt I was going to shit myself no kidding. I had anxiety all through the dream. As they approached me the male lion with a big mane approached me and looked me in the eyes, the lions were huge and my height. (im 1.75meters high).
      I backed off abit with the lions following me and i had my back to some wooden contraption which i was able to climb to escape, but I knew that if I had moved but a muscle towards it I'd get shredded. So I just looked at it. Then the lion lifted his paw and pointed at the contraption. And I had a voice in my head saying if you want to escape go ahead. And I climbed the first obstacle on the contraption and the dream ended.

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      To me, this dream symbolizes hiding from your inner strength. An example of this would be to think that "Other people are strong enough (smart enough, good enough, worthy enough, whatever) to do this, but I'm not." So you project your own ability to realize strength onto others so that you do not have to come face-to-face with it. Because being strong can also be scary. But notice that the lions in your dream were not frightened (in fact, the strongest lion with the big mane looked you right in the eye). I think the dream is saying you could be that lion, and to live your life fearlessly.

      The lion gave you the easy way out and you took it. But remember that shamans receive their powers by being devoured by animal spirits. This is part of how they become individuated people (and not running on the same hope/fear mechanistic track that most of us are on).

      There is also a possibility that you passed some test by meeting the lion's gaze, but I think if you did it was minor. Still more to do.

      Trust the lion. Find out how you can become more like him. Ultimately, you are him.

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      Smile Your lions are one of your totems

      Hi Alex,
      if this was my dream, here's my interpretation of it...

      i am standing outside. in my dreams, when i am outside, it's a symbol that my higher self is assisting me. Note that when I am indoors, it means I am on my own to work out what the dream scenes mean. So, I am always happy in my dreams when I am outdoors.

      i then note my feeling "I was in the middle of nowhere." My first thoughts/feelings in a dream scene are usually the theme of the dream. So I am feeling isolated and alone, a long way spiritually from my spiritual home.

      Next I note that I am standing next to a iron pole. Metal in my dreams is a symbol of my masculine. So I am standing next to a symbol of my masculine.

      And then the stars of the dream appear...lions! So who are they? Symbols or totems? Totems. Each of us has many different guides spiritually around us. Some use animals to convey certain things to us. I am laughing at myself as I write this. Why? It's because I am so totally scared of my totems. That's why I grad for my masculine. So what is a lion totem and why am i so afraid of it?

      Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak:
      Keynote: Assertion of the Feminine and the Power of the Female Sun
      Cycle of Power: Year-round

      The lion is the second largest member of the cat family. The traits of cats should be studied in general, for the lion embodies many of them. It makes its home on the savannas of Africa, and those with this totem would do well to study the significance of the savannas. The lion's main prey is the antelope and this should be studied as well.

      The lion has been symbolic of a variety of energies throughout the years. It is a symbol of the sun and of gold. It was a symbol for the sun-god Mithra. The Egyptians believed that the lion presided over the annual floods of the Nile. Early Christians believed it to be the earthly opponent of the eagle. The medieval alchemists associated it with the fixed element of sulphur, and a young lion was often the symbol of the rising sun and all that is implied by it.

      The lion is unusual among members of the cat family in that it will live in groups called prides. If a lion has shown up as a totem, you can expect lessons and issues dealing with community and groups to surface. There may be a need to examine your own role in the group.

      Within the pride, the females are the best hunters. although most lions are clumsy hunters by themselves, they have developed an excellent cooperative hunting technique. The females, though, do most of the hunting and the rearing of the cubs. The lion cubs lead a relatively care-free existence. Their parents are patient and affectionate with the cubs, and most individuals with lions as totems will find those same qualities developing within themselves.

      The males are most noticeable with their large manes. They do very little work. They can be passionate and excessively jealous of the lionesses. They protect the pride against predators. When hunting they use their roar to scare prey toward the waiting lioness. If a male lion has shown up as your totem, you may need to examine your usefulness within some group or community in your life. do you need to do more than you are? Do you need to be more protective? Do you need to cooperate more?

      The lion does not fight for the sake of fighting. It avoids confrontations, and will leave the scen of danger if possible. This is a tactic to keep in ind if the lion is your totem. Lions also hunt primarily by stealth, and the most common method of killing is by strangulation. This technique is something for those with this totem to practice developing when pursuing new endeavors and objectives in any area of life. Be stealthy for the greatest success.

      The idea of the young lion being associated with the rising sun is most significant. Since females of the pride do most of the work, it actually reflects the idea of the rising of the feminine energies. The sun has not always been a masculine symbol. It does give birth to new days, and it nurtures and warms life. Thus it is not stretching the correlation to see the lion as the assertion of feminine energies to bring forth birth and new power.

      When a lion has shown up, there will be opportunity to awaken to a new sun. Trust your feminine energies--creativity, intuition and imagination. These will add new sunshine to your life. Don't be afraid to roar if you feel threatened or intruded upon.

      Now it makes sense. I am afraid of my feminine!

      So back to my dream...

      I then back up into a "wooden contraption". Things made of wood in my dreams are symbols of what I call "dead feminine beliefs". These are beliefs I have used in many incarnations that now are no longer working for me...enter the lions to show me this.

      I am so scared of my feminine I think it will kill me by "shredding me".

      Then my wonderful totems send me a message.."if you want to escape go ahead"...which I do.

      Dreams are ways of showing ourselves choices in our lives. We can continue on, using the same old beliefs that usually restrict us from listening to ourselves or, we cna choose to listen.

      If this was my dream here's what I would do:
      * I would learn to meditate - this is one of the most powerful tools to listen to oneself
      * Before I begin each meditation, I would ask the lions to assist me. I wouldn't have a specific purpose for the meditation, only asking them to assist me on my spiritual pathway
      * Before I go to sleep each night, I would ask my lion totems to assist me.

      I would do this for days, weeks and months. It's a journey we are on and not a destination. It has been my own experience that sustained intent to listen to myself is required to change myself.

      i hope that some of what I have written above resonates within you.

      With kind regards,

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      Social Anxiety you can't really escape, except in the right way by climbing the obstacle.

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