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      Question Stopping this girl from marrying the wrong person?

      This sounds like something from a movie but let me just explain some background info first.

      Hi, my name is Jason, I live in the UK the girl (Amy) who is in my dream is a classmate, more of a friend sometimes we walk home together but I have never thought about her from crush point of view nor I had any sexual feelings for her, however I've always thought she quite beautiful and kinda cute also she is really introverted. I feel sometimes she has a thing for me because I catch her looking at me and she looks away embarrassed or smiles really awkwardly.

      Recently I have not seen any films with a situation like this.

      The Dream:

      It started out at my local church, (which i thought was quite normal since I was there the night before) my friends were wearing suits and dresses confused I asked my friend what was going on, she told me it was Amy's wedding, however for some reason I felt bad or jealous, still I proceeded to meet her and congratulate her, as I was walking to the church and her parents (which I haven't met in real life) saw me, her father told me to go away as he said he has found a suitable guy for her and ordered the mother not to let me in the wedding, he went away after saying that then the mother looking concerned told me that the guy is really old and an abusive person and I am the only one that can save her, this really confused like why me? Why was the father annoyed with me? I entered the church like I normally did, however my church wasn't the same it had many floors (my church has a ground floor) and the setting looked like corridors from a school. I walked around getting weird stares from the people inside, then an older man saw me (I assumed it was Amy's fiance), he said something and chased me around the building angrily. The dream finally ended with me finding Amy's room where she was getting ready with my other friends helping her, she was in her wedding dress and she came really close to me, like as if she was about to kiss me and gazed at me, the dream ended when the fiance entered the room.

      If someone can help me decode this dream I'd appreciate it greatly!


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