I'll start by saying that my life is a bit turbulent right especially in my relationship with my girlfriend. I woke up immediately after this dream at 3am and ttied to make the best notes I could. The dream was almost entirely in darkness.

In the dream my parents had suddenly been possessed along with my girlfriend and some guy I did not recognize who seemed to be in charge. My parents and girlfriend were in pajamas. They had captured me and we're holding me captive along with my best friend and sister who vanished during the dream at some point.
At the beginning it began at a house that felt as if it were my own home though it felt off. I became aware of the demons and I could see their rectangular field where they could attack or sense me. It looked like dull, flat on the fround TV static. I saw a demon's true form as a black sickly ghost/skeleton being in a frame with a ugly biege background. Eventually they captured my friend and I. For some reason their demon powers couldn't fully affect us but I remember specifically my girlfriend who was "in charge" of me kept sticking me with a needle so that I would become sedated and weak, sometimes passing out briefly. I was fighting effortfully to stay aware because I felt if I fully passed out I'd lose.
They drove us around trying to take us somewhere. I remember at one point for a stretch in the dream when we were forced out the car into a large tavern that appeared to be in a popular side of town. We went inside and I went to the restroom where I planned. Once I left, I whispered very secretively to be prepared to run. I sprinted towards the door outside, started screaming for help outside saying I am kidnapped by evil people. I was struggling greatly due to my parents, girlfriend and the guy in charge weakening me with their powers and coming towards me and my friend. I shook it off and started fighting, even knocking them back feet away but I was overpowered and taken to a strange hotel/shopping mall/banquet hall building.
Demons had complete control of this place. There were many entertainers who looked sad and in need of saving. Including a female mime who was musician. I snuck over towards her and she told me everyone working is human and the demon's prisoners. I was forced to do a job and could freely roam as long as I didn't do anything wrong. I was in charge of moving equipment around. As equipment was moved into a truck, I planted equipment to escape but I was then caught. Suddenly everyone started frantically running around and there was mass upheaval. The demons prisoners were rioting too. I ran up stairs with my friend but when I turned the corner my girlfriend grabbed me and was trying to inject me with a syringe. After a long struggle it sunk into my leg causing me to become sedated and pass out.
Suddenly, i regained consciousness fleeing with my friend and arrived at my real house. We were regrouping and looking for weapons. After getting in my room we heard them enter the house. I grabbed a random knife that turned into a large, serated, ornate knife once I touched it. My demonized girlfriend was coming up the stairs and I slashed her head with the knife and she froze as if the knife had anti-demon powers. I slashed 3 more times until I stopped myself because I didn't want to kill her, just whatever possessed her. Out of nowhere I started chanting an exorcism. The dream changed scenes into hilly Plains at sunset. Very cowboy esk.
At this point I saw everything from 3rd person as I realized that everyone had been cured and I was successful. I saw my girlfriend transform into her true form with a large number 8 on her. My parents transformed too with out numbers and the guy in charge was nowhere around. My friend was calm standing near me and I saw myself as a middle aged, roughed up man that had a cowboy vibe. I started walking over a sandy hill towards the sunset changing into a softer looking, elderly man who seemed more like a humble farmer then into my true form. When I turned into my true form the numbers 68 or 64 (can't remember exactly but it began with 6) were on me. I continued towards the sunset away from everyone else. The thought "my job here is complete" popped into my head then it ended.