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      Large Playing Cards?

      Alright, so I'm giving dream interpretation a shot and looking for help with this crazy dream I had. As a preface, it was upon going back to bed and took 3 capsules of valerian root as a sleep aid. Also, the recommended dose of valerian root according to the bottle was 5 capsules before bed.

      Anyway, the dream starts and I remember exciting some large building. I end up in a parking lot and I immediately notice that the sky is dark and looks like it is about to storm. It is also warm out, probably 70s (winter in waking life) and I feel curious about the weather. As I walk out, I notice there is a steep road leading down to another parking lot below this lot. The wind starts to pick up like crazy, and I think I should turn around to get back into the building I came from. The wind is too strong from behind, I literally cannot move backwards to where I came from. I keep moving forward slowly, inching and sidestepping my way along. I feel like these are tornado-like winds even though I don't see one. The sky grows darker, and I can make out a small house about 30 or 40 yards to my right in the parking lot. It is brown, looks old out of a disney movie like snow white, except with a visible cellar and a bit larger. I think I can get to the cellar and get to shelter under ground so I start making my way there. When I reach it, I can't figure out how to get inside the cellar, I can't see any doorway or hatch. The wind is so strong it is blowing me off my feet, and I am hanging onto a poll trying to stay grounded. But I am not scared through any of this, I am just focused on getting to safety.

      Somehow I end up entering the cellar, and I end up in a cube shaped bottomless pit, I can see the sides of the house around this pit. It is dark inside and the pit is black on the sides of the walls, so its hard to tell distance or depth. The weird thing upon waking, is that this pit was filled with large playing cards. About 3 or 4 feet long. Just strewn everywhere and every which way. I was walking along this pit, along playing cards, which were materializing in front of me. I was able to "walk" downward into the pit with cards materializing downward, creating a path for me. Each time a playing card materialized, there was a small flash of light and sparks flying around it. Again I wasn't scared, and it seemed normal to me and part of me became slightly lucid thinking I could be tripping or because of the valerian root (which is supposed to be a normal relaxation/sedative herb) and that the valerian "effects" where peaking.

      I then ended up in some white room with doctors around me, and had some kind of collar with metal pieces on it, and had the thought that I was going to die. I was going to be killed (possibly euthanized?) and I was thinking it was OK because this is just some psychedelic trip and I just need to let it go. Accept it and go into the experience of death. I started getting in the headspace of thinking about my last breath, about death by strangling because that is what I thought was about to happen. But then something changed in my self and I started to question whether or not this was real and if I was asleep, or if by "dying" in a dream state I die in my actual body. So I started to resist the doctors and tried to get this collar off of me but I could not. They kept persisting that they continue with whatever procedure they had intended, which would end up with me dying. The room changed to another room, and the doctors seemed really persistent on having me die. Weird.

      I can't really remember anything beyond this part, I think there was more. I also think there was more at the onset of the dream but I think these were the most important parts. It was just strange because I was having moments of almost lucidity, remembering I was in bed, but also going along with the dream. But I am curious what these Alice in Wonderland type playing cards could mean, why there were so many and what they had to do with seeking refuge from the wind storm I was in.
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      Here's my attempt at a simplified interpretation, Neo Neo.

      If you play your cards right, you can avoid the worst of the storm the outside world will lob at you, which you feel unprepared, or too weak for. But . . . even if you play your cards right, and try to seek shelter from the outside world by living a "Disney" lifestyle, you could find yourself trapped in a "sanitized" environment, which could be stifling.

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