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      I keep having dreams about water and water on other planets.

      Wow. I have been having these dreams for years! I don't know if it's a bad omen or what but I keep having dreams about water and lots of it. Some of these dreams are lucid--others not so much. Some take place on another planet but most are on Earth. I live in South Carolina and roughly 85 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. In several of these dreams, I'm at home and when I walk outside, the Atlantic Ocean is literally in my back yard! There's no beach but the water starts in the fields and gets deeper further out and it goes on for a long as the eye can see. Whenever I have these dreams, it scares the living crap out of me. And there are many variations to this dream. For instance, instead of the water being in the back yard (east), it's more northern.

      In another, I'm driving home in a UFO (o.O) and when I turned to go down another road, the Atlantic Ocean is all I see and everything else is gone! I remember slamming on the brakes when I realized this. I have never been so scared of water in my entire life. Seeing nothing but water and not knowing what's in it gives me the willies... These are the types of dreams I have every now and then.

      In another, I'm on another planet and I'm about 5 miles out from the beach in the ocean. Well, not directly in it because there's this narrow walkway that goes all the way to the beach. It's barely visible because the waves keep splashing over it. Can you picture that? Now, can you feel my fear? Apparently, I'm not alone because there's at least two other people with me and we just caught this freaky-looking whale. Whenever it opens its mouth, it opens the same way the Tremors' mouth open (minus the tentacles) in that movie with Kevin Bacon. I don't know how I kept it all together being all the way out there just to catch these things. This was also a lucid dream but did not feel like a dream AT ALL!

      In another, I'm yet on another planet and I'm this girl who has wings on her back and there are two guys standing in front of me. One guy I could see clearly but the other I couldn't make out at all. I took a few steps back and shot up into the air. Within a few seconds I was above the clouds and then I proceeded to dive back down and glide over a massive ocean. As I was gliding over the whirlpools, I lost my nerve and couldn't flap my wings because of it, so I just kept gliding. Not knowing what was down there scared the crap out of my me and I knew that if I were to fall in, I'd be a goner for sure. So, I turned around and headed back and the dream ended when I made it back to dry land. There are many more I can't recall at the moment.

      So, any idea on why I keep having these dreams and/or their interpretations?
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