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      Going to school with a anime character.

      I watch a lot of anime. Like, a lot.
      Just 2 days ago, I had this dream where I went to my high school. I was I think in my 4th period class, and I was in the back. Now 2 rows in front, then move 1 to the right, there was Shiina Mashiro from Sakurasou. Somehow my dream self didn't care that there was a 2D character existing in real life. After that class, all my stuff fell then all the sudden my binder dissapears. I ask this guy and I was nearly shouting at him, and notice Shiina leaving as well. He gives it back and the bell rings; but I didn't know where's my other class. I ask multiple teachers, almost wandering to the school office. I finally find a teacher but she was in a computer, typing a bunch of gibberish. She never answered my questions; which were like "how can I get a schedule?" The dream ends with me waking up with a alarm clock.

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      Hi Josh,

      Just to start by letting you know what dreams are basically trying to do.

      Think of how your body automatically tries to balance everything out like temperature, thirst, hunger etc. etc.

      Dreams are meant to do the same thing in the mind so that there’s an all-round balance of ways of thinking and acting.

      The idea is to help the dreamer stay healthy and happy by making sure most things that are needed to help everyday life go better are kind of being exercised enough most of the time.

      So being in a class in your high school probably means that there’s something it would be good to learn about right now about this overall balancing-out thing.

      It looks like the dream, by moving you up further to the front and to the right, is trying to focus on the main clue about what it’s trying to say. That is, Shiina Mashiro is sitting there.

      Of course, she is a female, and in the dreams of a guy, a girl usually symbolizes his relationship and feeling side.

      But the dream shows that you don’t care that she’s 2D existing in real life which might mean you’re maybe tending to be kind of disconnected from your real 3D emotions too much of the time.

      If so, dropping your stuff and having your binder grabbed could be sort of showing that “things could get messy” if your real-life connection to others isn’t made more normal.

      For example, you might be tending to watch too much anime and playing video games instead of maybe actually being with others.

      The guy who took your binder probably symbolizes something inside like a bad habit or behavior etc. that could potentially “rob” you of your “direction” about what you want to do in life etc.

      Since Shiina Mashiro goes along with him, this probably means that the way you handle your feelings right now might tend to add to the chance that this problem could appear and get worse.

      Even though you get the binder back, you don’t know which class is next and have to ask various teachers and this doesn’t help, maybe meaning that only you can find your “next step” on a personal level right now.

      It looks like getting nowhere with the female teacher who’s on a computer means that “thinking” about things (like a computer chip) won’t work and the only way is to exercise your own personal feelings by being around others more often.

      Anyway, I hope these ideas can be helpful in finding the personal meaning of your dream and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have.

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