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    Thread: Dream about Gliding

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      Dream about Gliding

      I dreamed about going through a tunnel (the starting point was high school, which was a long time ago).

      While in the tunnel I would jump and this let me glide along through the air as long as I wanted. I also seemed to feel that I had dreamed something like this before.

      When I came out I was on a back street in a residential neighborhood.
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      Flying, gliding or such in a dream is almost always a good sign.

      The tunnel has a number of possible meanings:
      1. Shamanistic tunnel for traveling between this world and the spirit world
      2. Tunnels are associated with the chakras.
      3. In addition, there is a tunnel between the 6th and 7th chakras.
      4. Rebirth

      At the end of the tunnel was a back street in a residential neighborhood. This may mean, that the dreamer has returned to the real world after a spiritual trip.

      Hope this helps.

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      That's awesome! My first time gliding, I was taught by a group of 5 superheroes. They flew in a V-formation like geese do when they migrate. They told me to get a running start and jump as high as possible with my arms out and legs back. BAM it worked! Gliding and flying has been so much fun since then.

      I hope you'll be able to glide on a 100% reliable basis!

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