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    Thread: the dream me talked to the me that would wake up

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      the dream me talked to the me that would wake up

      Hello, I'm new to the forums, so I'm sorry if this thread is not in the right place. It is related to lucid dreaming I think, but I would rather post it here, as I am more interested in the interpretation than its lucid nature.

      In the first part of the dream I wanted to have my hair cut just a bit, but I soon realized it was a mistake because it was much shorter than I expected. I regretted it since I've been trying to grow my hair long for over a year now, and now I was back to the beginning. I wanted to tweet about it and wrote “i cut my hair i just want to hide myself behind a self”, which I knew made no sense but my account is all nonsense so that fit.

      In the next part, I was at my half-sister’s place for the weekend (I go there sometimes, we are somehow close) and in the morning her husband left a home projector in my room and I was happy because I wanted to take pictures with it - for the record, I was thinking about projectors last night before sleep. Then they both left for work and I thought I was home alone.
      … and my birthday is in two days so I called over some friends … some of them were from my college, some were my boyfriend’s friends and some were the people I recently met, all random people and not the people I would actually call over, but definitely people I like. There were around ten of them, maybe more.

      Someone brought a laptop and I wanted to show them “the funniest video I have ever seen” (a guy trying to climb the kitchen cabinets and everything crashing onto him (it truly is one of my favorites)) but then I said “wait I have a projector” and I turned it on and turned off the lights and it was pretty cool ... we were hanging out in a nice atmosphere but I can't remember what we were talking about. Then I realized i have to change my clothes into something better, because it was my birthday, so I left the room. Eventually I chose one of my black/white dresses I wear all the time and yellow pantyhose I don't have.

      … but there I saw my half-sister’s mom who had just woken up from a nap and I had completely forgot I was in their house … she asked “god how many people are there” and I was like “uhh around 10″ and I knew they were kind of loud so I tried to apologize, and she said "it’s fine now but let’s not do that again" … and I regretted calling them very much. Now, I would never do this IRL - I absolutely love that woman and my half-sister but there would be no reason to call people to hang out in their house!

      so I decided I will force waking up (I don't know when I realized I was dreaming)

      I freezed the dream and said "wait wait stop this you can’t just reset whenever you make a mistake". I got to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself, and I cheerfully said to myself something along the lines of “listen now, you made some wrong choices, like cutting your hair, and calling too many people over, but so what, you have to accept your mistakes and go on. you are going to wake up now and there won’t be consequences to these events, except that you will be more clever next time … I wonder if that tweet will show up when you wake up though” etc etc
      Me in the mirror was growing old rapidly and said “I don’t have much time left but you do, be good” or something, and then she said bye-bye and I started forcing myself to wake up. Now for the whole time I was talking, I felt really good, like I have control over myself.

      It wasn’t easy, as there was a video of “the rest of that dream” that I was skipping like you would skip any video IRL, and then some other stills passing by (the dreams that would follow?) and some kind of a void

      And after what felt like the transient state I woke up with my head hurting a bit, just like it hurts every time I wake up forcibly. I was nearly ecstatic when I woke up - the dream was kind of a maddening experience but I loved it.
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