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      Holding Gold

      My best friend met a guy while we were out partying to ring in the new year. They exchanged phone numbers have texted since. They went on a date a week after took photobooth pics did some activities and she had an amazing time with him, they have alot in common and they just had a great time she was over the moon because of it. This morning I woke up out of a dream about them. I dreamt that I was just out walking and I ran into her she showed me her hands and was holding like 20 gold necklaces. I thought to myself why is he giving you so much gold?! She showed me the one that was her favorite and it was long two necklaces in one and it had a triangle pendant facing down with rhinestones. But she couldn't wear it because her grandmother had given her a necklace and that would cover (in real life there isn't any necklace). What I'm wondering is it trying to say all that glitters isn't gold?! Or he's going to value her?!...

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      In general our dreams are about ourselves. The people who we see in these dreams would be symbols from the unconscious. However, occasionally, the dream people will actually be about the real life people. Much of the dream symbolism can apply to either method of dream interpretation but, I’ll be using the first method where the dream is specifically about the dreamer.

      Given the above, I believe that most of our dreams are meant to be feedback to the dreamer to let the dreamer know how he or she is progressing.

      Other than the dreamer, this dream seems to be about three people: the friend, the guy and the grandmother. These four people may be personifications of the four functions of consciousness (per Carl Jung).

      The Four Functions:
      Thus far, we four people are identified in this dream: the dreamer, the friend, the guy and the grandmother. The first three probably symbolize the three of the four functions of consciousness (per Carl Jung). “According to C.G. Jung consciousness is comprised of four aspects -thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting. It is almost impossible to separate one aspect from another for they are inextricably joined in our body-mind.” The Four Functions Of Consciousness | OFFICIAL Website for MARI® – Mandala Assessment Research Instrument
      1. In women, these four functions are always represented by three females and one male.
      2. In men, there are three men and one female.
      3. The primary function is represented by the ego. Another person of the same sex represents the auxiliary function. The shadow, who is the same sex as the dreamer, represents an inferior function. In women, the male represents the animus – another inferior function. The auxiliary function, the shadow and the animus are all symbols of archetypes from the collective unconscious.
      This arrangement of three against one or one against three is fairly common in myths, fairy tales and literature. For examples, there are Goldilocks and the three bears, the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. More recently, there is Luke, Hans, Chewbacca and Princess Leia of Star Wars.

      The grandmother probably symbolizes the wise old woman archetype or she may be the auxiliary function.

      Back to the Dream:
      The friend’s boyfriend gave her approximately 20 gold necklaces. This is almost certainly a good sign. The number of gold necklaces is probably important. Her “favorite … was long two necklaces in one and it had a triangle pendant facing down….” The triangle may be symbol of a trinity in this dream.

      A gift of virtually anything in a dream is a good sign. The gold reflects spiritual wealth and might even be a symbol of masculine power (as opposed to the feminine silver). The gift is from the animus to the friend. The implication is that the animus is so strong that he is able to give some of his power to the friend/auxiliary function.

      It sounds like the grandmother/wise old woman gave her granddaughter a very large necklace. This may be an indication of her power.

      The necklaces may also have something to do with the 5th chakra.

      Great dream! Hope this helps.

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