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      Dream of me holding a toddler - cooking with pans on a burner stove - metal melting together

      Hello, Dream Interpreters! I'd really love some insight on interpreting a dream I had last night! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

      Last night, I had a dream that I was holding a toddler, about 3 or 4. We were somewhere unfamiliar in a home. Me and him were bonding, but he wasn't my child. I'm not sure if I was going to adopt him, or this child was from my past (past life?). We connected, and I remember thinking to myself, how sad I felt that he would never be able to drink his mother's milk. Me and him continued to bond, and I started cooking over a 4 burner stove. On the burner stove there were already 2 pans in the 2 front burners. The pans were of medium size, and I don't remember anything actually cooking in the pans, but the pans were very hot already. I started to try to stir the right pan with a fork, and the pan was so hot that the pan and the fork started melting together. I wasn't afraid, there wasn't any smoke or fire, it was just the 2 metal objects meshing together and becoming one, and I emphasize becoming one together because this is what I vividly saw and remember. The fork and pan became liquefied together, became one. I remember seeing the violet blue color mixing in with the melting of the metals. At the same time, I was still holding the toddler on my other hip/arm. After that pan and fork melted together, I tried the other pan on the left with another fork and the same exact thing happened. There was no fear while this was happening, more like awe and amazement, but a bit of confusion as to how/why it was so hot. After both pans and forks melted together I was stressed out, because this wasn't my home or my utensils/cookware. I was at someone's home, unfamiliar to me, and I knew that I had ruined their utensils and pans. The woman there reassured me everything was OK and not to worry. I reassured that I would pay and take care of everything, but she told me not to worry.

      Any background as to what interpretations can be made from this dream will really help. Please let me know if any clarity is needed, and any response will help.

      I'm very in tune with my spiritual side, and for as long as I can remember dreams and the meanings have always helped to guide me through stages of my life. I've had as much as lucid dreams, premonition dreams, telepathic dreams and even past life dreams!

      Right now my current state is that I'm transitioning careers, very hard work studying, but I'm determined and know that this is going to work out for the best. I also hope to make a big move in the next 6 months. There was someone I liked, and thought would develop into something more serious. However, distance is a problem so we decided to not pursue anything (about a month ago). I do think about him and miss him, and sometimes I wish we could talk things over again, because I feel we both were too hurt to hear each other out properly. So as far as the dream goes, I'm not sure what part of my waking life this could be part of, or what this dream signifies/is trying to tell me

      Thank you for any and all feedback!

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      Hello, clairedelune. I saw your name, and had to listen to it again on youtube while I read your dream. It's been a while since I've heard that one! Thanks for reminding me of it.

      I'd like to try to interpret this dream as best I can, based on the information you gave.

      The dream begins with you holding a toddler, in an unfamiliar home, the two of you are bonding, and you know he's not your child, but you're not sure if you're planning on adopting him, or if he's from your past.

      Firstly, I want to say that I think that this version of "you" represents your emotional side.

      I think this child represents the relationship with that special someone you mentioned, which you gave up on a month ago, and are thinking about trying to rekindle in the next 6 months. A child in need of adoption is similar in feel to a relationship which was abandoned, and when you feel sad that the child won't drink his mother's milk, it could be your mind's way of saying that you feel sad that this relationship won't be nurtured if you give up on it.

      The reason the home is unfamiliar is because it represents the distance between you and this man you'd like to kindle a relationship with.

      You mention that you were "bonding" with the child, which implies that you felt a bond with the man you want to pursue a relationship with. The pans on the stove are hot, and there's nothing in them. That seems to me to imply that you believe that even though there's no real substance to your relationship with this man yet, there's still a "flame", or potential, between you. When you try to stir the pan, the two objects meld, or "bond" together, becoming one. This is a reinforcement of your feeling that the potential between you and this man is enough for the two of you to become one, or bond.

      The violet blue color could have a special meaning to you, regarding love or relationships. For me, it sparked memories of an old song I used to sing when I was a child with the following lyrics:

      Lavender Blue Lyrics

      Great-grandfather met great-grandmother
      When she was a shy young miss
      And great-grandfather won great-grandmother
      With words, more less, like this...

      Lavender blue dilly dilly
      Lavender green
      If I were king dilly dilly,
      I'd need a queen
      Who told you so dilly dilly
      Who told you so?
      I told myself dilly dilly
      I told me so
      If your dilly dilly heart
      Feels a dilly dilly way
      And if you'll answer "yes,"
      In a pretty little church,
      On a dilly dilly day,
      You'll be wed in the dilly dilly dress of
      Lavender blue dilly dilly
      Lavender green
      Then I'll be king dilly dilly
      And you'll be my queen

      If your dilly dilly heart
      Feels a dilly dilly way
      And if you'll answer "yes,"
      In a pretty little church,
      On a dilly dilly day,
      You'll be wed in the dilly dilly dress of
      Lavender blue dilly dilly
      Lavender green
      Then I'll be king dilly dilly
      And you'll be my queen

      The End

      I don't know if you're familiar with that song, but you can see it's about a romance that lasted for a very long time.

      In your dream, you feel awed and amazed as the second pan and fork bond, but don't understand why it's so hot. Once again, this reinforces your feeling that there is a lot of potential between you and this man to bond, despite the lack of "food" or substance between you . . . yet.

      I think the reason that you become stressed and panicked as you realize that you're in someone else's home, is because, as you said, the reason you and this man decided not to pursue a relationship is distance, which could be represented as unfamiliar territory, or someone else's (his, possibly) home.

      You are afraid that you've "ruined" someone else's utensils and pans, which could be taken to mean that you acknowledge that he also has the right to decide if he wants to start this relationship with you, and if you, in waking life, actually bonded with him without his permission, the relationships might be "ruined", even though it amazes you how easy it all seems.

      The woman who tells you not to worry is possibly your more reasonable self saying that there really is no need to worry. And you replying that you will pay is your emotional self saying that you're willing to take the risk, even if there's a price. Your reasonable self states again that you shouldn't worry.

      I notice that you posted this thread way back in January, and I don't mean to be nosy, but I wondered . . . did you ever try to make that big move?

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