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    Thread: How easy/hard is it for you to interpret your dreams?

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      How easy/hard is it for you to interpret your dreams?

      Been a while since I posted here...

      I'm wondering, how good are you folks with interpreting your dreams? I see a lot of guides and what not on how to do it. Personally, I never had any issue with it, which is why it is so surprising to me to see people struggle.
      Almost every dream I have has a clear meaning and I can identify all or most elements. Typically dreams represent my fears and hopes - often they are "advice" on what I should do - when something is very uncomfortable to me I tend to suppress it and try to find another solution that is easier. For example I knew I was unhappy with my girlfriend but I was dragging it, I didn't want to end it, but deep down I knew I should have. So one night not long before our break up I dreamed about us being praying mantises rather than humans. Praying mantises are known for often killing the male partner during copulation, exactly this happened in the dream.

      Even if the dream has a lot of elements I can almost always match those to my decisions, fears and hopes. I find dreams very useful that way.

      How is it for you?
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      How do you know that this is not a dream ?

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      I know this is an old post but I would be interested in how easy it is for others too and also how they do it!

      So here's my answer:
      When I think about my dream and break it down and look up what a few things might be I can then usually connect the dots.
      Other than that I'm kind of unsure how to interpret my dream.
      Like if I should look up what things mean in my dreams. Or go off of what I think it's trying to tell me without looking stuff up.
      So I'd say it's kind of on the difficult side for me unless I look into details.

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      i learn in here .
      Sleep on your right side or on your Back and Make nightmares a thing of the Past.
      On your side. Sleeping laterally is the most common sleep position. Studies have found that right-side sleepers experienced more positive dreams and fewer nightmares than left-side sleepers

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