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    Thread: Cat Dream

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      Cat Dream

      I would like to know what this dream means. My sister had a dream about me being scratched to death by two cats. One of the cats was a stray that came into the house because the front door was left opened, the cat that already lived there was very humble and not a fighter at all. The stray cat started a fight with the humble cat I tried to break them up and they both scratched me to death. I on the other had love cats. So I'm a little confused about this dream.
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      I believe personally that dreams are subject to the dreamer, and there is no straightforward explanation. However, we may attempt to somewhat interpret it. Are you on tolerable terms with your sister? What are views on cats? Have either of you either been attacked by a cat?

      All this infomation is required for a even slightly relevant interpretation. An alternative way would be ask your sister what she thinks it means, and if she is a lucid dreamer, she may be able to ask her subconscious for an intrepretation.

      Meanwhile, happy dreams and feel free to browse through the forum and post your thoughts. !
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