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    Thread: Sharing my boyfriend?

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      Sharing my boyfriend?

      So I (female) had a dream where I was sharing my boyfriend (of 1 1/2 years) with another girl and I was ok with it. Our relationship appears to be new and didn't bother me and I even encouraged her to get his attention when she told me she wanted it. He cooked for us after awhile we where going to watch a movie. He used my lap as a pillow and told her to lay on top of him. Nothing sexual happened in the dream expect we gave him a bj together.

      I've had similar dreams like this. What might this mean?
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      Not sure. This would be best examined by you while taking your feelings about it into consideration.

      How does that make you feel when you are awake? To someone like me who knows nothing about your situation, I would say that you are secure in your relationship with your boyfriend.

      In general, I feel, that dreams show us scenarios so we can experience them and see how would it feel if it happened for real. It doesn't have to be literal situation.

      Hope this helps a bit.

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