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      Hammer dream

      So this is a weird dream. I'm writing this right after it happened yet it's very foggy to me. There was some sort of four room house. Me and whatever group I was with was allowed in only the back room. I was fine with that and confused but contempt. And then I had to go outside for something and when I tried to come back in the only was was through the room I wasn't allowed in. (This part is a complete blur) but I saw some muscular guy get hit in the head with a hammer, blood everywhere. The person (I think it was a women) said how "He wil be able to move and talk and function until his testosterone runs out.. in 24 hours" I ended up gettting hit in the head too. (For this part of the dream I am now in my house ) so I am now in my room. I am still in shock. I told some friends about be being hit in the head and they all made jokes about it which really upset me. (Once again another blur) and I woke up. I don't know if it's useful, but I rarely have dreams and recently I have been having throuble controlling my emotions to my family.

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      Dream interpreters often interpret dream homes as representing a dreamer's mind. being limited to only one quarter of available mental space is a concern. It sounds like you are feeling limited in ways mentally or emotionally. Also a woman hitting a strong man with a hammer: the one who is supposed to be the stronger is the one getting abused (emotionally abused perhaps?). The Dynamic is presented as one of gender, and it could be literally that if your waking issues are with a woman or women exerting more control over you than you are comfortable with. But it could also be the incongruicity that the one who is supposed to be the weaker sex, the more nurturing one is the aggressive one. Also being laughed at by friends is part of the abuse. I once read that men are often most uncomfortable with being laughed at and this may be feared more than physical abuse. In a way at times physical abuse may seem like a welcome alternative, because physical pain may be easier to deal with than emotional mental pain. Does that make any sense?
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