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      Holocaust Dream.

      Dream February 24, 2017

      No mercy.

      It all starts off when we were eating breakfast. Everything was good and dandy, and then the news came on about some riots here and there, murders, the usual.
      Then a breaking news headline flashed and said something about the military turning itself on the USA, and targetting Jews & older adults.
      So we pack up our stuff and head to a local shelter (mind you its me, you, cameron, and ryleigh) and the shelter is like a hotel. So we're riding up the elevator to our floor and the power goes out. The doors open and we walk to our room. You can hear the news blaring talking about Jews being the first target. I am nervous but try to hold my composure. I start to worry about dad. And then I get up and unpack my stuff and just as I unpack my stuff, I hear a knock on the door, in the dark, no anything.
      I open the door and an AK-47 is being held up to my head asking if I'm Jewish. And I just say no, and they go on. I close the door and repack my things and tell you that I'm running away. I'm currently in a battle for my life, because now they've seen my face and they might know. So you and Cameron come with me (Idk what happened to Ryleigh) and we're running for our lives. We find this abandoned Japanese campsite and crash with an old lady for a little while. Soon you hear guns getting cocked and loaded and airplanes hovering overhead. My body is shaking and in shambles that this is all my fault. I'm killing everyone around me because I'm Jewish.
      A few military personnel bust in through the tarp of this old Japanese woman's house, and they kill her. I'm honestly using Cameron as a shield right now. They don't shoot at him but they do their best to shoot at me, and we get away.
      Suddenly I see you get shot and they drag you away, and I felt like I betrayed you, completely.
      Somehow me and Cameron get separated and I'm wondering where he is.
      Military personnel have my face and name posted everywhere in sight. Cameron finds me somehow and I'm trying to get a hotel room under an alias so they don't know its me. When he screams my name, people turn around and walk closer to me, and I just laugh and say: Haha, that would be funny if I really were Jewish right? And then Cameron runs off.
      So I'm stranded and I run up some stairs trying to get away. Suddenly Trevor comes and rescues me, and the military is still hot on my case. I can't use my phone because its being tracked. So he types in the GPS to bring me to a different hotel.
      I fall asleep in the truck from being exhausted and starving, and I have dreams about being in a car with Terris, going to a bar and not being let in and they arrest me there at gunpoint.
      I wake up at the new hotel, and I get up to the room with Trevor, and as soon as we open the door, military personnel come in and drag me out.
      They take me to this greenhouse room, and there, dad and Cameron and you are there. (Still don't know where Ry is.) The military personnel closes the door and locks it up tight and if anyone tries to break the door down, hydrocloric gas will be released. So I'm just chilling, talking to dad, starving & exhausted. Worried about Ryleigh and Trevor. And then about 30 minutes in, some stranger loses his mind and throws himself through the glass door and the hydrocloric acid shower begins. We run through the broken glass (me you dad and cameron) and we have to pee in a portapotty for the military personnel, and they test our pee for PH levels of acid. If it stayed below I think 5.00 we could be set free. All of our pee did. So we all were set free.
      Except me.
      They still hunted me.
      And it wasn't just military personnel.
      It was EVERYONE. Everyone wanted me.
      So I just layed in my room on Memory Ln, and waited for them to find me. And years later they finally did, and I didn't exist anymore after that.

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      And for the you's in my dream, I was referring to my mother cause that was the first person I sent this to.

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      I think you wouldn't be the only one whose mind currently turns to fears of the Holocaust, fears of what is going to happen in the US. Maybe this time it will not be the Jews, but it may the Muslims, the Mexicans, the immigrants? You shelter in a Japanese woman's house because of memories of Japanese internment camps in the US history.

      It is interesting to wonder what would happen if we were faced with a holocaust like situation, when people are persecuted. Would it bring out the best of me, or would I be most concerned about my own survival at the cost of others? Your using Cameron (your brother) as a human shield is indicative of that fear. Who is your brother, could be anyone who is not you. So if others are persecuted, you ask yourself, will you stand up for them and be willing to use yourself as a shield, or will you be relieved that they did not come for you this time, and not act to protect the other, act to endanger the other?

      It does not have to be as extreme as the holocause of course, could be just prejudice. Others making discriminating statements and discriminating actions against someone because they are Jewish, or Japanese, or Muslim, or Mexican, or gay. How do we react in our conscience, what do we do to stop the prejudice, or do we just run and hide and deny it?
      You may say I'm a dreamer.
      But I'm not the only one
      - John Lennon

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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some additional general background information about you (and a description of events just before this very frightening dream), it looks like the dream could be using the analogy of the current very bad racist atmosphere in the U.S. to highlight a possible situation regarding your own levels of self-esteem.

      For example, the toxic mood in the U.S. might be especially hard for you to deal with since I’m assuming from a few phrases in the dream that you are Jewish and there have been various threats and vandalism occurring in the U.S directed to synagogues etc.

      If so, it looks like you might possibly be hesitating to be the “real you” in the face of what’s going on right now, maybe even more often than you usually do because of an inborn shyness for instance.

      In this way of looking at your dream, the hostile military and the other threatening people in general could represent various negative self-judgements and opinions that just kind of pop into your mind, maybe not even very clearly.

      Early in the dream, you go to a shelter which is a hotel. Since a hotel is somewhere that anybody can go if they can pay the bill, it usually can symbolize the danger of “doing and thinking what everybody else does”.

      This is unlike being in a house or apartment which is “yours” and where you’re expressing your individual personality more clearly.

      The dream seems to be saying that staying in a “hotel” attitude in order to calm any worries and feelings of lower self-esteem etc. won’t really work (e.g. the military come to your door and see your face so you have to flee again).

      In a similar way, maybe falling into the role of being the “persecuted” too much (e.g. by staying with the old Japanese lady) also won’t tend to work very well either.

      For example, you might be in danger of “sacrificing” that part of yourself which is vibrant, curious and enterprising as probably symbolized by your younger brother Cameron.

      There might also be a danger of becoming too disconnected from your deep feminine nature which normally can just bear up strongly to all sorts of challenges (e.g. your mother is shot and dragged away).

      Again, this could be the result of being “shot” by thoughts like “You’re too dumb to get that job so why try?” etc. etc.

      You then try to get another hotel room under an alias, that is, by not being the “real you”, but your potentially strong, adventurous and creative side spoils things which the dream apparently prefers.

      Being rescued by your boyfriend Trevor and carried along asleep in the truck might be hinting that the only way out of maybe feeling anxious about your identity as a person etc. is to “be awake” and actively aware of how some opinions and beliefs etc. are apparently tending to take you in the wrong direction too much of the time, that is, back to a “hotel attitude” and immediate “arrest” where you can’t be “free” to develop your innate skills and abilities etc.

      The scene with the glass door which breaking through will cause the release of a hydrochloric acid shower might be showing how you’ll probably have to take a strong stand to break through the scary gas-cloud of negative thoughts and feelings so that you can start being free (e.g. you and your family do escape the room safely).

      Part two of the “rescue” needed seems to involve the ongoing expression of your feelings.

      That’s because the medical term for peeing is the “expression of urine” and this links it up symbolically to the free and open “expression” of feelings which shouldn’t be “held back”, just like not peeing for long periods can lead to serious medical problems.

      Maybe you unfortunately have feelings of guilt over any expression of what you really feel, so the “military” within might continue to “hunt” you unless any such habit is broken and you too can be set free.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything much about you, this way of looking at your very upsetting dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope that these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please make any comments or ask any questions about this interpretation that you’d like to.

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