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      action movie type dream

      Hi everyone. First time posing here but I have a feeling it will be one of many. lol
      So I just woke up from an insane dream. It started out with me at work and having a new boss there. He was trying to change the way we did our jobs. Trying to be proactive but not making any sense. So then we hear about a cruise ship that was robbed. So I decided to go and check it out. lol
      When I got there I someone how figured out that it's want a robbery but an attempted kidnapping. So I find some guns and start trying to help this woman. Then it turns into a mad max movie. lol Hundreds of different kinds of mercenaries, gangsters even some x-men come after us. it becomes an all out shootout. Stealing cars to get away, killing people that are chasing us. Then teaming up with some people that were trying to kill us. This is pretty much the whole dream. At some point the woman I was protecting changed into one of the women who was after us. Then there was 4 of us. 2 guys and 2 girls. We were all trained in combat and started to take the fight to them. Diving over the top vehicles that could climb vertices cliffs, jump huge distances and not get damaged. And of course killing anyone that got close to us. And at this point we were all having so much fun.
      Everything is a little blurry because I just woke up but I feel great this morning. lol And this isn't a one off. I have dreams like this all the time. I'm just curious what people think of this dream.

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      I would say that the fact that you felt good after you woke up from this means it was not a nightmare, more like an adventure movie or video game perhaps. Things are not what they seem, the woman whom you are protecting may be a villain, and a dream that could be a nightmare may in fact be seeking entertainment, for example. I think you leave work to go to this robbery / kidnapping / movie. Because you are seeking a break from what you consider work and are seeking some entertainment / adventure / fun. You are seeking a break from the new control / work / boss, new way of doing things, that does not make sense. Something is supposed to make sense but does not, and if it does not make sense might as well seek out some more entertaining nonsense. For example, if you are a student and studies are not making enough sense, and thus you give up and procrastinate with video games, that sort of thing.

      Of course, this could mean something totally different too. I am just guessing at it. Feel free to discard if you think it does not fit for you.
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