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      Wedding dream about past crush

      I had a dream last night which brought up old feelings that I didn't know I had. I dreamed an old crush who I don't think about anymore was getting married. I saw the ceremony. However, after the wedding ceremony, he spent all his time with me at the reception and not his new bride. She didn't like it and she didn't understand it. He seemed unhappy about getting married but she was happy. In the dream, my friend wanted me to stop the wedding but I refused. I woke up with some kind of feelings for him. I hadn't even thought about him for awhile. My feelings were dead. What does this all mean? I dream about him a lot lately but this was different. Maybe it's because I saw him with another woman.
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      One possible trick dream interpreters do is to think of each character in the dream as part of the dreamer because in a way they are. What does your old crush mean to you, what does he mean about yourself? There is jealousy in this dream with perhaps some regret, could have nothing to do with this old crush though, could be used for your mind to reflect on those feelings in another context. Is there anything else in your life that you have the choice to call off recently or not? This dream may be about choices, your choices for your life. If you have not had feelings for ex-crush in waking life for a while, I doubt that this is really about him, more likely about something else that reminded you of him maybe. Those are my thoughts, but of course I can be wrong.

      Another thought: What did you admire/like most about him, is that something you may wish now on some way? What made you stop having a crush on him, is this an issue that may be somehow a concern now in a different setting?
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