So, I dreamed that I was with my husband (unclear in the dream if this was my current husband, but I felt it was) and we had hired a vehicle for traveling in a snowy park. He forgot something and had to get out, but told me he would catch up with me. When he left, there were some distant bystanders, who seemed to be commenting that I was in some trouble, and I had a sense of it too, as the vehicle took off on its own power. The vehicle was something like a sled... and I could use my body to steer to some extent. Nonetheless, the vehicle was moving too fast for me to accurately control, and at some point I decided it was better to use a snow bank to stop momentum and get out. I decided this because the choice was crashing into a huge body of water, which I didn't want to do.

Still trying to get to the other side of the water, I got out of the vehicle, and began walking through the snow. To my surprise and excitement, I saw a white wolf, who was just running through the snow. I began to follow but then began to slide on yellow tracked snow - like an area of snow that had been used to urinate several times. Eww... On the way down, I saw another wolf, this one white and gray,looking almost more like a husky, sleeping, with his head curled down into the snow. He was adorable, and I had the sense that I was surrounded by wild animals, and that nonetheless, either because they couldn't see me, or simply didn't care that I was there. It was beautiful and peaceful, and I came to a natural stopping point in my slide, at the bank of the water. I think a river. Still not at my destination, I tried to walk across the stable blocks of ice, but I couldn't figure out a path across. In the distance, in the direction of the parked snow vehicle, I heard my husband calling me, but I couldn't figure out how to get back to him, and in that same area, lots of other people were apparently following my lead, parking vehicles, and heading down the same path I took, or similar ones.

Ok. I feel like the dream is significant, but what it means, I'm not able to discern. Help appreciated!