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      Dream about snow and bio hazard suits

      Hi, I wondered if anyone could help interpret my dream?

      I dreamed I was in a dark building with lots of other people- my mum was there and my brother. There was snow outside and we were putting on bio hazard suits.
      Then I was outside in the snow with my brother and remember realising that I must have cut my hand on something. The landscape outside was quite baron.
      During the whole dream I remember feeling quite positive and pleased with myself which doesn't seem to match with the context of the dream at all.

      Thanks for your help!

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      Hello, H1234.

      I'd like to try to interpret your dream.

      Assuming you had this dream shortly before you posted it, I think that this dream is a dream incorporating "novel" material you were exposed to, related to the news. In March, 2017, North Korea was testing missiles, and there were a lot of news stories at the time discussing nuclear war.

      Your dream seems to indicate that you believe in the event of a global nuclear war, there will be "lots of people", including yourself and your family, who will be prepared for the aftermath, (represented by a barren landscape, and "snow", which represents radioactive fallout) and who will survive in that environment. Your cut hand could represent your willingness to shed blood, should you find yourself in such a situation.

      You feel positive and pleased with yourself for these assessments.

      There is research showing that one of the functions of dreams is for the brain to review novel material. The brain might not just create this type of dream to "reassure" you. It's possible that it does this to "rehearse" to improve skills, but I don't think it's been proven that skills improve when people have these types of dreams. Google, "Life Goes On In Dreams" to look for the study.

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