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    Thread: Disappointment

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      I was in a University somewhere in Romania. I walked in a corridor full of students, and suddenly a girl came to me and grabbed my hand and starts talking to me. She was short, dark blonde hair and the most beautiful face I've ever seen. And eyes oh my... bluer and brighter than the sea itself and they gazed at me... Her name was Linette. (Never heard this name before). We talked a little bit of school, life, goals etc. She seemed nice and kind, so no doubt that I fell in love immediately . When we reached lift she said that she is late for her class. When the doors closed I stood there for a while and realized that i'm total idiot and forgot to ask for her number. Ooooo hell noooo. So I ran upstairs to catch her. I was successful a and I asked for her phone number so i could invite her to go out. She said that I'm a really nice guy but it won't be possible, because she has a boyfriend and he won't be happy about it. Damn that disappointment feel and without a word I walked away. Dream continued but i don't remember much.

      When I woke up i was curious about name Linette and what it means so I checked it and found its meaning as "pure beauty and grace, absolutly stunning, the type of girl you'd marry, once found, never let go". Yeah absolutely, that is the right description.
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      it was just a drema
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      i imediately thought of lynette scavo from desperate housewives

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