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      Pulling Necklace From Throat and Coughing Up Blood

      I dont dream often, but when I do its typically a strange one...

      From what I remember, I was at some sort of family gathering at a house I didnt recognize. I cant remember exactly who was there except for my 14 year old sister and her boyfriend (I think), my 15 year old cousin, and I think my stepdad. Sometime during the dream, I think my sisters boyfriend said something to my cousin that upset him. Afterwards my stepdad was showing us his collection of souvenirs from other countries. Shortly after I felt something in my throat. I started pulling it out. It was the 3 foot wooden bead necklace my stepdad was showing before. Towards the end it needed slightly more force to get the end out, but not much. My throat felt strange after that and I coughed on the floor to find blood. I walked to the bathroom only to find it locked. So I went to the other one (why i didnt go to the one that was right behind me when i was coughing is beyond me). I noticed my stepdad following me. I assumed he knew something was wrong. I shut the door and started coughing over the toilet seat. Never actually getting it in the bowl, just the seat. I couldnt stop coughing due to the feeling I had deep in my throat. After that I woke up.

      Side Notes: My sister just recently moved out of my parents house to live with her dad. She doesn't have a boyfriend. My cousin, who's male, lives over 4 hours from me. Me, Im a 20 year old male living at my grandmas house and my parents live in an apartment down the street. We are waiting for our new house to be built, which, wont be complete until 5 months from now. Im currently undergoing a tough situation. Im on the verge of breaking up with my girlfriend. Our relationship probably never should of happened. Anyways, im particularly close with her mom and her brother. So theyre the biggest reason im having a hard time leaving. And the night when my dream occured, I went on a drive with my close friend from high school to catch up and talk about life, like her and I usually do every now and again.

      Anyways, thanks for taking your time to read about my dream. Its not very often I have one so when I dream I wonder why. If more info is needed just let me know. I appreciate all of your help.

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      dreams are usually trying to help us understand a situation better, when life gets complicated they help us sort lots of unconcious feelings out, so it seems your life is complicated, have you been able to deal with all the emotions properly?
      Throat usually symbolizes your ability to communicate, a sore throat could mean you are having problems communicating, How about your step dad do you have an easy time talking with him? Is it possible you sometimes worry about other people, but need to be taking care of yourself a little more?

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