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      Nightmare when pregnant

      To start with I am 14 weeks pregnant and was originally led to believe for the past 11 years I could not conceive. Since getting pregnant my dreams have started to become more vivid and life like again (I used to have extremely life like dreams to the point my family spent time sleeping in my room but that is another story). I am currently staying away from home in a hotel built in the 1800s for a pretty tough course which I myst admit I feel a bit lost on at times!
      Last night I had a dream which started out of nowhere, an old woman with glasses on and a bun walked in to my room (I cannot recall her opening the door) and I felt an instant moment of fear. She did not look menacing but I just had a deep fear bubble away in me. I tried to wake up but seemed to have only woken partially as I could still see her slowly walking towards me. I tried to throw something, anything at her but I was paralysed, not even able to make a sound. I gradually fully woke after what felt like 5 minutes of her looking and extremely slowly edging forwards. She never got to the end of the bed or changed her stance or facial features.
      When I woke I was shaking slightly and my heart rate was racing, I hope the little one was ok in my tum! Since then I have not shaken the memory of the dream all day, it has stuck with me like it was some kind of message or warning.

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      Congratulations on the pregnancy :-)
      Pregnancy dreams are very often completely crazy an vivid, theres alot of books written about the subject, First of you got alot of extra hormones, second your body is changing your heart rate is up and your body might be sending you dreams trying to cope with the situation, thirdly most moms have a lot of worries about giving birth/pregnancy will everything go ok will your baby have ten fingers will you be a good mom, etc etc etc. So but all of this together you get a very crazy dream cocktail, but they can be alot of fun too :-)
      About the women it sounds a little like sleep peralysis where your body is sleeping but your mind is awake and you get stuck somewhere in between, it could also be a manifest of some fears you have been having, a good excercise is too write down any worries you may have and try to deal with them one at a time do some research and the reason doctors often say try to relax when you are pregnant, is because your heart rate is probably going to be higher for most of the pregnancy which may lead to anxiety or for me i was easily angry :-( but i tried to do alot of yoga and not get worked up.
      Good Luck with everything

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