I had the strangest dream regarding prom last night and would love some insight! For reference, I'm 25 and my my sister is 21...so there's no way we'd be going to prom in real life lol

So the dream starts out with my sister coming home and telling me that she wasn't going to be allowed to go to prom. For some reason, this made me feel guilty and I told her that we were going to sneak in instead. So we go into what looks like a wide open, ground-level studio apartment, and we start to get our hair and make-up ready for the prom. I dye my hair purple for the night. As I'm blow drying and straightening it, which is taking an incredibly long time despite my attempts to hurry, it's turning from purple to blue with silver streaks. But, instead of being upset by this, I'm strangely calm about this (not typical for me in RL, I'm very particular about my hair dye and become very upset if it it doesn't turn out like intended). So as we're getting ready, these boys/men ride up on horseback to the open window. The young boy in front is dressed in a tuxedo, but the men and boys behind him are dressed in stereotypical Native American garb. The boy in the tux turns to my sister and says, "Are you going to prom?" My sister replies, "Nah, decided not to go." Although this wasn't something specifically discussed in the dream, dream-self knew that this was pre-planned, so when we did turn up to prom, we could act like we were surprising everyone instead of telling everyone we were sneaking in. The boys and men then rode off.

Shortly after, we finish our hair and make up, and stuff our prom dresses into backpacks. We then leave and head to where the prom is being held, which ends up being an old church (not super out of the ordinary, my sisters and I all attended Catholic school from Kindergarten through 12th grade). We immediately go downstairs into the basement. At this point, I'm starting to feel giddy, knowing we are about to pull this off. We start helping the church ladies prepare goodie bags for the prom goers. The ladies are very strict and specific about what kind and how many candies and assorted baked goods need to go in each bag, and how they should be arranged. My sister and I roll our eyes but do as instructed. We then sneak off to a pantry closet under the guise that we needed to get more candy for the goody bags. Instead, we pull out our prom dresses, which have magically managed to not get wrinkled in our back packs, and put them on, before entering the hall where the prom was being held. The dream ends before I actually see the hall.

Normally I don't remember my dreams, but since I remembered this one sooo vividly, I was hoping to gain some insight! Thank you so much in advanced!!!