Hello! Hopefully somebody can interpret this dream. Im having so many dreams lately, but this one happened last night.

This are the things I could remember about my dream:

1.) There was sort of Family reunion. Reunion was happening in our old house when I was still in primary school. Then to my surprise, everyone was not allowed to enter the front door. It was locked. My aunt, who was the one who were supposedly living there told us that the entrance was at the back. I feel confuse during those time, I was thinking its easier to go in front than in the back. The dream was cut short and we are inside the house already.

2.) There was suddenly strong rain and flood. I saw it on the window inside the house. I feel safe. And then the flood slowly sunk the house.

3.) Then the next scene was, we were entering the house. And was surprised that upon our entrance, it was the second floor of the house already. I was confuse again. Why was it happening.

4.) While the house was submerged, no water penetrates the house. Its like there's an invisible barrier covering it. I was amazed as to why it was happening. When the door and the window opens, the water just stay outside. And its not a flood water anymore. Its like deep in the ocean. When one sticks their hands out, it get wets but the water could not enter the house. I could not feel if there's a barrier whatsoever.

5.) Then there was a baby girl. Im not sure if its supposed to be mine or my niece. I dont have a niece. I have 2 nephews in reality. But there's a cute baby girl, whom I remember was sleeping beside me.

6.) And then I saw a fish. I Shouted, "look, it's Dory!" the fish was beautiful, but when we get close to it, it was not the dory fish. It has huge spiky sharp teeth. Someone, I could not remeber but I know he's a family member extended his hands out of the water, the not-dory-fish open its mouth but it didn't bite my family member. I was afraid the first time, I was thinking blood, but then he was not bitten and the next scene...

7.) Everyone was confuse why there was barrier in the house. I told them, "go, search google." Then someone said, "There's no internet connection, we're deep into the water. No signal could reach here."

8.) And then suddenly, I saw a metallic white box beside the computer. I tolde everyone to open it. I knew during those time that whatever inside that box was the reason why we have barrier like thing. It was difficult to open. But when we managed, inside was like a small machine thing. It was white, with bluish glow inside. Then I said, "It's from an alien." and then, we tried to search it on the internet eventhough there's no connection... And then I woke up.

I feel excited and confuse and happy and... I think most of the feeling I could associate with that dream is excitement. More of a positive feeling or discovering something new.

I dont know what it means though so I hope somebody could interpret it.