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      Your thoughts

      I want to know your thoughts about what this dream means it was quite interesting to me.
      Too start off i was with a girl i was/am, in love with and some other random people in the dream we just got back to our town and i felt what to me was rain but out of nowhere it was snowing we were all shocked and happy as we walked towards our town the snow stopped and it looked grey and bare, no one was in sight until we came across a shop that had a few people packing im still not sure why, we went in too see what had happened and ended up talking and helping a family pack. At the same time i ran into my family and they left pretty quick but i wanted too stay and grab some things i ended up trying to take everything as some people waited for me i wanted to take everything i could get my hands on but we were running out of time as i seen the family of 2 leaving there was barely enough room for both of them but we said our goodbyes and i went back to the shop to keep grabbing anything of interest. People stopped waiting and started leaving until it was me and another person i care for as we were leaving we heard a car pull up filled with people and they started killing everyone that left the shop except me and the person i was with. The end lol thanks for reading

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      It sounds like this dream is mainly about choices and priorities evolving around your private relations. Probably your family life to be more precise. You are helpful in helping others out, but you might leave yourself out of your own help it seems. Since you try to grab everything you can in the store, it indicate that you want everything inorder to provide for others and yourself. But as the familys ends up leaving you behind, that shows you that you cant have everything at once even if you give it your best shot. So as the familys get's killed. That would symbolize your realization, of a final ending to any doubts of choices that could have involved those who have leaved/getting killed. And that is making it clear for you that you lose more than you believe that you can grab hold of, unless you dont know what you are looking for. But, instead of having it all. You do end up with your main choice in the end. No matter if it is a active or passive decision.

      Hope that is of some help to you.
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